Collateral Murder: U.S. Soldiers Killing Civilians in Cold Blood

Posted on April 5, 2010 by

At the same time that we read of another recent cover up by U.S. forces in Afghanistan, involving the murder of pregnant women (and then mutilating their bodies with knives to remove the bullets), Wikileaks releases this shocking video of a U.S. massacre in Iraq from July 2007. Listen to the pleasure which the killers take in doing their “job”, the rash decisions, the lack of “precision” of which the criminals boast so often, the headlong rush and expressed urge to start killing as quickly as possible (rather than taking time to prevent unnecessary civilian casualties). The result? Dead journalists and wounded girls.

The second, extended version of the video, shows hellfire missiles being fired at civilians, for example one who is unarmed and merely walking in the street. There is no evidence of any precautions taken not to kill civilians, as required by international law. These are not the actions of a mere minority: this is a repeated pattern of indiscriminate killing as testified in the accounts of returning vets, especially those who spoke out at Winter Soldier 2008 (see here also).

For more, see Collateral Murder on Wikileaks.

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