Counterinsurgency: It’s Bloody Horrible

Posted on July 19, 2010 by


You’ve heard the criticisms. You’ve read the book. Now see the movie.

These are some of my favourite lines:

  • counterinsurgency: it’s like a wild horse, only you bet on it;
  • counterinsurgency involves a thousand small healing steps;
  • the manual can never be wrong, only the practice;
  • cultural knowledge for the military: it’s so basic and fundamental, absolute common sense; and,
  • basic common sense makes you so very smart.

Making the “application of force” (called killing, by regular human beings) more precise…and that makes it “humanitarian.” They must imagine themselves to be at the helm of a Global SPCA.

“I read The Economist,” when I want to learn about Africa. Africanists and African anthropologists: you’re dismissed.

A few  of my favourite things:

…and no, I don’t mean, “♫ women in black dresses wearing pearl necklaces♫”…but rather four of the images I made for the video, which I am making available. To enlarge to the full image, click on the given thumbnail below. The Julie Andrews Sisters are my favourite grunge duet.

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