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Amerika, Hu Akbar! A people of Mammon, or Love in a Land of Fear

January 3, 2013 by

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Provocaine: “Love and Duty and Charity and Patriotism; That’s what makes America Great.” Barack Obama’s speech, second term election victory, 2012 You see! It all seems to need to be merged into One Human Society, with common language and rules of behavior called “law”, an easily managed Human Capital Unit (HUCU) grouping of occupational and […]

Empire and the Liberation of Veiled Women: Lutz & Collins

February 21, 2011 by


In “The Color of Sex: Postwar Photographic Histories of Race and Gender,” by Catherine A. Lutz and Jane L. Collins (reprinted in The Anthropology of Media: A Reader, 2002, pps. 92-116), we encounter this very illuminating passage dealing with the figure of the veiled, non-Western woman, photographed by National Geographic, placing the apparent obsession with […]

The Wikileaks Revolution

December 10, 2010 by


[This is the first in a series of three articles that will be devoted to the subject of Wikileaks, secrecy, the state, and transformation. This is intended as a survey of some of the opinions I have found most interesting.] “The first serious infowar is now engaged. The field of battle is WikiLeaks. You are […]

Just Released: The New Imperialism, Vol. 1: Militarism, Humanism, and Occupation

November 24, 2010 by


The New Imperialism is the title of an annual seminar which I offer at Concordia University to advanced undergraduates. It is an unusual course, and given the content of past student evaluations, one that is extremely popular with participants who unanimously rated it as excellent on all levels. Part of the reason might be that there […]

The Nation Builders

October 7, 2010 by


Dahlia Wasfi (Physician and Iraqi antiwar activist who has traveled to Iraq twice since the invasion and spoken out around the U.S. about what she has seen): We have an obligation to every last victim of this illegal aggression, because all of this carnage has been done in our name. Since World War II, 90 […]

Encircling Empire: Report #2, 11-18 September 2010

September 19, 2010 by


EE: Report #2, 11—18 September 2010 Encircling Empire Reports is a selection of essays, blog posts, and news reports covering a given time period, which can usually be glimpsed in raw form at zero.collected. They are intended to be useful for those interested in: ● contemporary and critical political anthropology ● public anthropology ● imperialism […]


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