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The Bad University Department

February 17, 2013 by


Some thoughts from Henry Giroux (professor, board of directors at which I found directly relevant and applicable to the situation in higher education as I encounter it. Here are his “four rules for a bad university department.” They were meant to be critical, yet somehow some departments seem to follow these principles to the […]

Maurice Bloch: “Reluctant Anthropologist” or “Anti-Anthropologist”?

April 30, 2008 by


Many thanks again to Lorenz Khazaleh at for bringing my attention to this fascinating interview with Maurice Bloch, where views are expressed that sit perfectly well with the thrust of the Open Anthropology Project. This also ties in with my response to the comment that I am “ambivalent” about my own work that one […]

On “The Ivory Tower”: Marc Bousquet speaks with Tiziana Terranova

April 29, 2008 by

Comments Off on On “The Ivory Tower”: Marc Bousquet speaks with Tiziana Terranova

A very interesting conversational interview between Tiziana Terranova and Marc Bousquet is available on the How the University Works website. I only wish to reproduce some notes and memorable quotes from this discussion, since they cover a great deal of important ground on the concept of the university as an “ivory tower”, a term that […]


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