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Documents: Investigations into the U.S. Army’s Human Terrain System

February 19, 2013 by


In line with the publication of this report in USA Today, “Army plows ahead with troubled war-zone program” by Tom Vanden Brook, February 18, 2013, we are offering readers copies of many of the documents produced by investigations into the conduct of the U.S. Army’s Human Terrain System, with mirror links for each. There are a total of […]

A Digital Face Lift for the Human Terrain System

October 20, 2010 by


Almost as if they were determined to totally ruin all of my theses about the resources poured into military propaganda, the Human Terrain System has just launched another Web 1.0 site–except this one is better, because it has an image slider. Having reviewed all of the images, all I can say is that HTS apparently […]

Human Terrain System Leadership: Worst Ever? John Stanton

March 30, 2010 by


Human Terrain System Leadership: Worst Ever? “They Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass Except for the Money” by John Stanton 29 March 2010 Thanks to the work of Howard Altman of Tampa Bay Online, we now know that US Army 1/LT Brian Brennan is alive and well and pursuing life’s challenges with vigor. Brennan was the […]

Mercenary Humanism

March 27, 2010 by


What an extraordinary piece of twisted thinking this ad represents — it belongs in genocide museums. This advertisement from mid-2007 was prominently featured in the opening pages of the Journal for International Peace Operations (JIPO), a journal of the International Peace Operations Association (IPOA) — “The Association of the Stability Operations Industry” — which is […]

Iraqi Insurgents Capture Human Terrain System Member: John Stanton

February 7, 2010 by


Iraqi Insurgents Capture Human Terrain Team Member: Issa T. Salomi by John Stanton Sunday, 07 February 2010 Steve Fondacaro and Montgomery Carlough, senior program management of the US Army’s Human Terrain System (HTS), were warned as early as 2007 that Human Terrain Team members in Iraq and Afghanistan would become prey for insurgent groups. They were […]

Anthropology on Stage, Human Terrain System on Screen

October 30, 2009 by


[A momentary "distraction" from my "zero series," and a big thanks to John Stanton for the first set of news below.] Tonight, Friday, 30 October, a free play reading in North Hollywood will start at 8:30pm — the title of the production: ANTHROPOLOGY: Or How To Win Friends and Influence Afghans (see the circular). The […]


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