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The Ant Problem and Zoosemiotics

February 16, 2013 by


I’ve got ants in my kitchen. Now, one cannot allow ants in one’s kitchen. It’s similar to the idea of “national security”: one has to control and keep safe all that is within one’s purview. The kitchen belongs to me; I need it for my “lifestyle”. The ants do too; just like Libyans need Libya, […]

The Peruvian Massacre and a “Socialist” Fig Leaf for World Capitalism

June 12, 2009 by

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James Petras, in an essay that is being widely reproduced across the web (as it will be here as well), articulates a series of critical points regarding the nature of the Peruvian regime, the political history of President Alan García (profile) and his APRA party (which continues to use grand revolutionary symbols), and its service […]

Resisting Free Trade, Racism, and the State: Peru’s Amazonian Indians Fight Back

June 10, 2009 by


‘Peruvian Indians are being driven to desperate measures to try and save their lands which have been stolen from them for five centuries. ‘Their protests signal that the colonial era has finally drawn to a close. No longer are Amazon Indians prepared to put up with the illegal and brutal treatment which has been routine. […]


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