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ANTHROPOLOGY–The Definitive Definition (2nd edition)

December 11, 2012 by


ANTHROPOLOGY–DEFINITION an·thro·pol·o·gy  /ˌanTHrəˈpäləjē/ Noun The professional looting of other cultures, by persons with few original or significant ideas of their own. Institutionalized raiding among academics, by persons with few original or significant ideas of their own. An established sport among white people which, like cricket, has been exported internationally and is sometimes unnecessarily copied by […]

Plagiarism on the “Open Anthropology Cooperative”

September 27, 2009 by


Previously I have stated that plagiarism was not one of the issues that I was raising concerning the so-called “Open Anthropology Cooperative” and its disrespect for boundaries and separate identities and political affiliations, let alone the officially authorized butchering of the concept of “open anthropology” on that network, now evacuated of all meaning. However, I […]

The next two posts about Ward Churchill…

March 28, 2009 by


…will consist of, first, the closing arguments for both sides of Ward Churchill’s wrongful termination suit, and second, the jury’s verdict. The trial was supposed to have ended yesterday (Friday, 27 March, 2009), on the 15th day of hearings. However, given bad weather, and some overtime, closing arguments are not likely to be heard until […]

Ward Churchill v. “The Good Americans”: How Churchill’s Critics Made His Case

March 27, 2009 by


“I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed . . . without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today — my own government.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., April 1967, Riverside, California. While I am not prepared to predict the outcome of […]

Beyond Molehills, the High Ground: Dershowitz, Finkelstein, Plagiarism, and Academic Freedom (1.7)

February 14, 2009 by


At Home in a Dysfunctional Family It was like listening to a family argument, my family, the style of argumentation, the hot flashes of temper, the rhetorical devices, the particular turns of phrase, even right down to the sounds of the voices themselves, that had my ears glued to the speakers for an hour last […]

“A Surge in Plagiarism”…Or How to Make a Molehill out of a Mountain

November 5, 2007 by


I very much respect the work being done by academics in the Network of Concerned Anthropologists to oppose the alignment of anthropological expertise and counterinsurgency, and I particularly appreciate the articles written by David Price that appear in the bibliography on this blog. This is why I must now wonder if I am missing something […]


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