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The Terrorist, the Tyrant and the Thug

September 9, 2014 by

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The following is a series of extracts from John Manicom’s chapter, “The Terrorist, the Tyrant and the Thug: ‘Anti-Anti-Imperialism’ in American Media and Policy,” published in Good Intentions: Norms and Practices of Imperial Humanitarianism (Montreal: Alert Press, 2014), pp. 149-166: Overview: John Manicom’s chapter is a powerful examination of the discursive and narrative practices of […]

Iraq Should Be In No Hurry to Reach 6 Million Barrels per Day Output

October 20, 2013 by


An International Energy Agency study, released on October 9th, 2012, estimates that Iraqi oil production may reach 6 million barrels per day (mbd) by 2020 from its current output of 3mbd. This estimate is largely based on the statements of Iraqi politicians, who see oil revenues as the principal means of solving Iraq’s deep economic […]

Libya: The Second Anniversary of a Bloody Coup

February 17, 2013 by


This weekend, marking the second anniversary of the start of protests that would usher in a bloody and prolonged NATO-led coup to overthrow the Libyan Jamahiriya and Muammar Gaddafi, offers many reasons to celebrate for those whose intention was the demolition of Libyan self-determination, African integration, and a domestic system of extensive social welfare and […]

The Song of the Nonaligned Nile

January 30, 2011 by


The United States, whose hallowed creation myth styles America as the quintessential child of revolution, has for decades navigated the insupportable irony of denying others their own political parturition through the ideological conflation of freedom with stability. From Nicaragua to Iran, this deployment has served as a discursive validation for a host of violent counterinsurgency […]

Egypt: Real Change Comes from the Street

January 30, 2011 by


I commented some years ago on the troubles that Egypt and related tyrant-run countries faced in the coming years. Saudi Arabia will not be far behind and the word will be better off when the House of Saud is toppled. I lost sleep over the efforts of the people of Egypt becoming at once very emotional/moved […]

Afghanistan and the Emergence of the Taliban: Reviewed Works

September 2, 2009 by


A previous article on this site quoted sections of Ahmed Rashid’s TALIBAN: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000), a partial copy of which is available here. The following is a  review by M. Jamil Hanifi published in The Middle East Journal, with details of the history of […]


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