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The “Science” of Global Domination

October 20, 2015 by


While it is an odd mix of physics, biology, and geometry that has captured the communications strategy of military planners, the messages themselves are very telling about how such planners go about envisioning US global domination, and the parts to be played by others in assuring that dominance. Some thus speak about the “center of […]

On UNSCR 2118 and Syria: Reality, Resolutions, Representations

September 29, 2013 by


“One overall objective of any team is to sustain the definition of the situation that its performance fosters. This will involve the over-communication of some facts and the under-communication of others. Given the fragility and the required expressive coherence of the reality that is dramatized by a performance, there are usually facts which, if attention […]

Humanitarian Intervention: The Human Rights Gift that Keeps on Giving to U.S. Imperialism

September 6, 2013 by


By Ajamu Baraka First published by the author on September 4, 2013 With the announcement by the Obama administration that it intends to launch an attack on Syria in response to the chemical attack alleged to have been carried out by the Syrian government, the U.S. Administration has again assumed for itself the role of global […]

LIBYA: Race, Empire, and the Invention of Humanitarian Emergency

October 21, 2012 by

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Based on my latest book, Slouching Towards Sirte: NATO’s War On Libya and Africa (Baraka Books, Montreal, 2012), and nearly two years of extensive documentary research, this film places the 2011 US/NATO war in Libya in a more meaningful context than that of a war to “protect civilians” driven by the urgent need to “save […]

Mugabe: Humanitarian Imperialism, R2P, the Murder of Gaddafi, and the Destruction of Libya

September 27, 2012 by

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In a speech yesterday that in many ways repeated key elements of the speech he gave at the UN General Assembly last year, Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe did a fine job in exposing the hypocrisy underlying the dogmatism of “responsibility to protect” (R2P) and the doctrinaire formulas of advocates of “humanitarian intervention”. He did so […]

Encircling Empire: Report #14—Foreign Military Intervention in Libya: A Report on Neo-colonial dependency and humanitarian imperialism

March 17, 2011 by


In this report ZA continues from the last one, by presenting a media roundup that focuses on arguments for and against foreign military intervention in Libya. (As usual, the reports are listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent.) Many of the arguments have centered around the imposition of a no flight zone, although frequently the argument for intervention includes proposed air strikes on Libyan government targets. First to be presented are those articles that criticize humanitarian imperialist premises and the (re)turn to validating military humanism, as they tend to be the most cogent and continue to be largely unanswered. Second, a listing of key rebel statements calling for Western intervention, and some articles about the Libyan opposition. Third, articles and essays that promote and justify foreign military intervention. Also, ZA’s top recommendations.

Where the Cure is the Disease and the Doctor Sickens the Patient: The Pathology of Occupation in Haiti

November 18, 2010 by


An internationally-organized basket case. A festering garbage dump. An international protectorate, imposed and enforced by Western powers, and applied by the United Nations. A dependency lorded over by 3,000 NGOs, the United Nations with 12,000 troops, and the U.S. military which was eager to take control of the country in the weeks after the 12 […]

Wikileaks’ Iraq War Logs: Obama Administration Handed Over Detainees Despite Reports of Torture

October 26, 2010 by


Republished from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism October 23rd, 2010  |  by Angus Stickler President Barack Obama’s government handed over thousands of detainees to the Iraqi authorities, despite knowing there were hundreds of reports of alleged torture in Iraqi government facilities. Washington was warned by the United Nations and many human rights organisations that torture was […]


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