Radical Anthropology

Thanks to a post on Antropologi.info announcing a new issue, free and fully available online, of Radical Anthropology. One can find the downloadable PDF at:

Given a post here a few days ago about “public anthropology” it would seem that there is another brand of anthropology that also complements what is being advocated on this blog, and I hope to soon be in a position to spell out the similarities and differences.

The Radical Anthropology Group describes itself as follows:

“The Radical Anthropology Group has never defined itself as a political organisation. But the implications of some forms of science are intrinsically radical, and this applies in particular to the theory that humanity was born in a social revolution. Many RAG members choose to be active in Survival International and/or other indigenous rights movements. Additionally, some RAG members combine academic research with activist involvement in environmentalist, anticapitalist and other campaigns. In 2001, Camilla Power and Elena Mouriki visited Tanzania and met up with activists in the local indigenous rights movement known as Aang Serian. The following summer, Chris, Ian and Camilla made further friendships with Aang Serian activists in Tanzania. These contacts led to the participation of Aang Serian activists at a London meeting on how to defend the land rights and cultural survival of African hunter gatherers.”

The RAG also makes available a large number of papers, fulltext and for free, on its website at: