Canis Homo

Because even a dog sleeping in one’s place on the bed can be a source of distraction, here is another one for my “out there” category. This painting was inspired by a sleeping dog, and, a post on another blog (see Carl Feagan’s “Man’s Best Friends: Part 1–The Dog” at The words below are extracted from Carl Feagan’s illuminating piece.


(click above for the full sized image, 544kb)



3 thoughts on “Canis Homo

  1. cfeagans

    Thanks for noticing that small piece I did for Kamiz at That’s turned out to be one of my most popular blog articles and I firmly believe that there’s much more to say about man’s relationships with canines and other animals such as equines and felines.

    I’ve been working out a follow-up on horses as another of man’s best friends.

  2. Maximilian Forte

    Thanks very much to you Carl, it’s great how you managed to compress and translate an awful lot of information and present it in a way that I am sure inspired many different thoughts among your readers, that’s quite an artistic in itself.

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