Distributed Creativity and Design


Call for papers – Distributed creativity and Design

Online journal Re-public invites contributions for its upcoming special issue (or issues, depending on the number and quality of submissions) entitled “Distributed Creativity and Design”. Design practice has been dominated in the past by the mythology of the lone creator or star designer. However this view has been challenged in recent discourse informed by history, biology, anthropology, linguistics, and other fields. Design is increasingly regarded as an interdisciplinary, collaborative activity, established on a collective process of creation.

The term “distributed creativity” is used to describe networked cultural production that allows for the creative interplay of geographically dispersed participants. Internet-based tools greatly contribute to our new understanding of design by providing novel platforms for communication, co-creation, and dissemination. The obsession with objects and individual designers-heroes is replaced with an enthusiasm for the process and the dynamics of social interaction.

Papers submitted may be about, but not restricted to, the following:

• Critically assessing the conditions of interaction between design professionals and academics with society at large
• Identifying and exploring challenges to the design community by the new technologies of communication
• Exploring alternative, network-based practices that question existing models of the design profession
• Re-assessing design education by considering new tools and methodologies
• Conceptualising desirable futures stemming from a new participatory design culture
• Analysing the political character of design practice and discourse
Essays should be approximately 1,500 words long.

Please submit contributions in any electronic format to:

artemis AT yagou.gr

Issue editor: Artemis Yagou

Deadline for submissions: Friday 30 May 2008

For more information, see http://www.re-public.gr/en/?p=306