Call for Papers: THEORY IN ACTION

Theory in Action!
The Journal of the Transformative Studies Institute (TSI)


Dear All,

This is a call for papers for the peer-reviewed journal Theory in Action, a forum for ideas and discussion of research that connects theory and action:

Do elections matter? Do they express the voices of citizens or do they simply legitimize corporate interests? What does the U.S. election mean for workers, the middle class, and for other nations? What differences exist between the Republican and Democratic candidates? Are the U.S. or the E.U. proper democratic models for poor nations? Is proportional representation a more democratic model than U.S. style winner-take-all elections? What is the current purpose of the Electoral College? What would be better participatory models for the 22nd century? What about the China question?

Submissions are due September 1, 2008.

More information and guidelines for submission are online at:
Submissions should be sent via our online form in the submissions menu of Theory in Action.

Best Wishes,
The Editorial Collective