Human Terrain System: Video on YouTube

CultureTube has produced a video shown on YouTube (added in December of 2007) that deals with the subject of research ethics and anthropologists in the Human Terrain System. The video as a whole makes several important, critical points, which have met with harsh reactions by some viewers (less than 2000 at present) . It does not seem to have gained wide notice yet, and the discussion is currently limited to less than a dozen comments. The video is shown below and runs for circa 10 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Human Terrain System: Video on YouTube

  1. Mike Williams

    I have a simple question for the narrator and the featured “talking head.” Where is the evidence of your claims? Where is the science of your conclusions? You seem to claim to be academics, so, be an academic. Articulate your research methods, the FACTS you’ve identified, and how you followed those facts to your conclusion.

  2. Maximilian Forte

    All academics are scientists? No offense, but are you very new to academic debates?

    No, I don’t want them to bore me with a presentation on research methods, thanks. You can be certain, however, that as professionals in the field they have far more understanding of research methods than you seem prepared to grant. The discussion will not be a productive, nor an intelligent one, if you are predisposed in this manner.

    Just a reminder: we are not in the 1800s anymore, and we don’t think of “facts” naively as something to be uncovered, merely observed, and whose constitution as facts is undisputed. Any science worth its salt, and positivist science is not, knows enough to ask itself questions about the way it asks questions.

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