Rethinking Academic Conferences

I am very grateful to Dr. Anthony McCann for inviting me to join a group of eight other contributors at the Rethinking Academic Conferences blog. This is an interesting site for reflecting on the nature, impact, and assumptions of our regular academic practices, placing them in both a social and environmental context, while considering new and expanded notions of open access. I am very enthused by what I have read so far on that blog and I hope to contribute soon.

Among Anthony McCann’s numerous papers online and other sites is Beyond the Commons, which deals primarily with with issues of music, intellectual property, copyright, and performing rights. Also, and this is very interesting (offering me personally a great deal to learn) is Anthony’s Crafting Gentleness blog, which is part of a much larger site, also called Crafting Gentleness dealing with the political possibilities of gentleness in our everyday lives. Very intriguing I must say! I look forward to learning more.

In the meantime, many thanks again Anthony for offering me the pleasure of joining your collaborative efforts.

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