Eye Candy? Sweetie?

Who knew that WAPPIAMOUTH was a superdelegate? Not only that, Wappiamouth is a “she” who does not care if Obama calls her “sweetie,” she just wants him to call her. She has also released an interesting new poster of Obama, subtitled “Eye Candy.” And he still doesn’t call her? Is her vote so inconsequential now that he has the endorsements of Cocoa Tea and Sparrow? I mean, honestly now.

This is too much information for me, not to mention the fact that for as much as I think I know Trinidadian terms, it has taken me weeks to find out that “wappiamouth” refers to the condition of having dried spit encrusted in the corners of one’s mouth from speaking too much.

But I am still flattered that I had a Trini-American superdelegate visit my blog, quite the little honour there, it just has me all in a dither.