They Fell For It (Suckers): “New Tribe Discovered”

My “Four New Tribes Discovered” post not only brought in over 1,000 hits in just 48 hours, from combined on-site and syndicated views, the post is now listed in the #1 spot on’s search results for “new tribe discovered” and has slipped a little on Google, from the seventh to the tenth listing.

My thanks also go to Trini-American Democratic superdelegate Wappiamouth, for joining the effort with her own memorable rendition of the BBC photo. See: “My Heart’s on Fire for Envira.”

Looking for exotic lost tribes? Looking for primitives who have never seen “a white man” before? Looking for savages? Hoping to discover a new tribe in the Amazon? Right, then on this issue the score is,


In case this message has not been clear enough…

5 thoughts on “They Fell For It (Suckers): “New Tribe Discovered”

  1. Frankie

    They “fell for it?” The joke’s on you. There really was a new tribe discovered in the Amazon. Therefore, lots of pub, and lots of searches for new tribes, lots of hits on related stories. Anyone who clicked on your “story” immediatly realized it was a hoax. Reasearching a wide variety of articles related to a topic of interest isn’t “falling for” anything. Your bumptiousness seems a little misguided.

  2. Maximilian Forte

    My apologies to readers: should anyone wish to indicate to me, in the language of the cultural evolutionist, of new and lost, uncontacted and savage tribes, demonstrating the kinds of ways of thinking that make people interested in such stories…

    …then please consult my spokesman on this issue, Bugs Bunny.

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