Walk Cautiously where Shame and Confusion Lurk

Monday Morning Madness, the sixth installment — and not that much madness today in fact…some sobriety for a change.

I love this video, featuring Ras Shorty I and The Love Circle, one of the most serene modern calypsos ever composed, and a gorgeous video that shows the beauty of Trinidad’s landscape and its children (and some of Ras Shorty’s grown children appear in this video). The song is titled “Watch Out My Children”. This particular song was ever present when I first lived in Trinidad.

Ras Shorty I was previously known as Garfield Blackman, a singer of some soca tunes that puritans would consider to be sexually very explicit. After a conversion, his songs took on a markedly religious character. In this song, he provides us with a counterweight, it seems, to a previous “Monday Morning” song by Marlon Asher — two ostensible Rastas, with two very different messages about drugs.