Rapsure Risin

My people will sleep for 100 years, but when they awaken, it will be the artists who will give them their spirits back — Louis Riel

Dear people, that 100 years is up, and the bell is ringing, we are here to represent the 7th generation and ourselves — Rapsure Risin

A big thanks is due to the work of the Aboriginal People’s Television Network of Canada (APTN), the world’s first aboriginal television network, for always showing me something new and interesting (I am one of their two regular viewers — just kidding APTN!). Today, it happened that I would learn about Rapsure Risin, a dynamic duo of two Aboriginal female hip hop artists whose work is just fantastic. When I saw/heard the speed at which they rapped, smoothly and effortlessly, and the other fluid melodies they have produced, it was a pity to learn that they do not get much support in financial terms — both are taking up separate government positions soon and it is unlikely they will tour.

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And their only video online, which does not do them justice the way APTN did, but is definitely better than nothing at all: