Apology to Native Americans in the U.S.: current discussions

Thanks to Native American Minnesota, I was introduced to some public discussions and documents concerning efforts to obtain a national apology to American Indians in the United States, and Geff Wigley at NAM considers how Minnesota might learn from and adapt Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission — see “Does Minnesota needs its own Truth and Reconciliation Commission?“. Among the documents listed at NAM one can find U.S. Senator Sam Brownback’s apology resolution. Wigley expects that both Obama and McCain will show leadership on native reconciliation issues if elected. NAM also points out that the Colorado legislature passed a resolution comparing the deaths of millions of American Indians to the Holocaust. Minnesota has also seen its own public arguments in favour of reconciliation and an apology.

8 thoughts on “Apology to Native Americans in the U.S.: current discussions

  1. erikwdavis

    Jeez. I LIVE 10 minutes away from Fort Snelling, and the exhibit that NativeAmerican150 discusses in that post. I’m MARRIED to a Native American woman who served as a NAGPRA officer for nearly a decade, and I STILL didn’t know about that exhibit. Shameful. Thanks for publicizing this.

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  3. Maximilian Forte

    My pleasure Erik. I found that page to be very interesting as well, I want to keep in touch with more of what happens in terms of apology resolutions and reconciliation in the US (something I don’t hear much about normally). If you ever come across something of interest, please pass it on.

  4. erikwdavis

    Thanks Griff – I just got in touch via your contact page;

    @ Maximilian – thanks for drawing my attention here – I’m pretty awful at keeping up on comments, and wouldn’t otherwise have seen it.

  5. Anisa

    I’m actually doing a school paper on a very similiar issue…and I couldn’t find any good information on the topic until I found this web site…
    Your work is much appreciated…

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