Left “Speechless” by “Deathpower”

I came across two blogs today that have left me very excited, and deeply impressed with the depth and wealth of material that is being produced on blogs these days. One I discovered through comments posted by Erik Davis, his blog being:


What a title. Blog titles are almost always more fascinating than book titles, or personal names. Erik Davis is in an interesting position: he is both an assistant professor in Religious Studies at Macalester College and a doctoral student in the University of Chicago’s Divinity School. So you know that this man is gravely busy — and he produces an excellent blog that he subtitles, very simply, “about buddhism, cambodia, and the cultural power of death.”

Another blog, that I found because someone presumably clicked a link to it on my blog (and yet I had no such link before now), left me speechless. The title of the blog is:


I have already told Maureen Flynn-Burhoe, the author of the blog, that I am very thankful for the great work she is sharing online. Maureen subtitles her blog in this way: “Virtual synapses: an exploration of Web 2.0 innovations to enhance connectivity of enriched multimedia content with a sociological cosmopolitical imagination and an ethical turn.” That is modesty — there is some very dense and far ranging content that should excite philosophers, museumologists, indigenous studies researchers, anthropologists, sociologists, and various orders of Web 2.0 maniacs.

Thanks to both of you, Erik and Maureen.

One thought on “Left “Speechless” by “Deathpower”

  1. erikwdavis

    Hey Maximilian, thanks for the excellent recommendation! Yes, the busyness is a bit overwhelming, but I hear it’s nicer on the other side (though your Prison Notebook self-identification on your “About the blogger” page might indicate otherwise?). I only discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and have been grateful. Cheers, and solidarity,
    Now, off to check out Maureen’s….

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