And then McFate Retreated…

I just saw that Montgomery McFate’s salacious little blog, I LUV A MAN IN UNIFORM, has been pulled, presumably by her.

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

A sudden sense of shame? Or is it the sober realization that when you fashion yourself as some sort of glossy celebrity, while turning anthropology into the newest weapon of the American military arsenal, that yes, you might just get some heat. I will not “flatter” myself into believing that her decision to pull her blog is solely the result of an earlier post of mine (and not to worry, I copied every page of that blog). The opprobrium was mounting from all sides, and McFate turned herself into an object of personal ridicule. Even members of the military were posting complaints on her blog, while sympathetic colleagues were posting long, explanatory blog posts trying to justify, defend, explain something that was clearly a source of embarrassment. Having personalized her message, and having attacked colleagues, McFate could not tolerate a counter-response: she cried about “ad hominem” attacks, while making plenty of her own, like yesterday’s for example. That she chose to post under the name of “Dee” only magnifies her shame, and her attempt to deflect attacks while attacking. This quote is revealing:

McFate seems to relish some of the controversy….But her jaw sets at some of the personal attacks in journals or anthropology blogs….”I don’t like being personally attacked. I don’t mind if they attack my writing and say I’m full of crap,” she said.

Stannard, Matthew B. (2007/04/29). Montgomery McFate’s mission: Can one anthropologist possibly steer the course in Iraq? San Francisco Chronicle.

(Are the delusions of grandeur that inform some of the posing for photos in that piece hers, or are members of the media trying to fashion her to suit some predetermined story line?)

One can be grateful for these revelations, and the latest action is one very small but good sign. It’s time to turn up the volume now. (That is, after I return.)

3 thoughts on “And then McFate Retreated…

  1. erikwdavis

    Thank gods. And although I’m pretty sure your blog post (and comments on the savage minds brouhaha) were not the sole reason for the disappearance of the necrophiliac blog of Ms. McFate, I think you do underestimate the importance of both of those interventions in its disappearance. Especially, perhaps,your comment about the favor McFate provided students of imperialist psychology on her blog.



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