Ataklan Walks Naked

This week’s installment of “Monday Morning Madness” (missed last week’s I am afraid, as the real madness of an imperial anthropologist seemed much more entertaining).

You won’t be seeing Trinidadian artist Ataklan walking naked in this video, not literally anyway. One of Ataklan’s messages in this interesting video, which takes us with him from a yard and a garbage dump in Trinidad to Wall Street, can be summed up using his words: “the more them fakers dress it up, is the less I wear.” He also speaks to the cultural prejudices built into a Westernized society such as Trinidad’s, the imposition of foreign education, teaching foreign history, and marginalizing local creations. He does not appear to be calling for “reform,” but for personal disengagement and indifference to reigning models of prestige and power. Apart from the simply stated messages in the video, I once again like this video for featuring footage of Trinidad of the kind that I lack, and that one often does not see on Trinidadian television.

3 thoughts on “Ataklan Walks Naked

  1. anonyjw

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Haven’t seen/heard this in a while…

    Always thought he was channelling some Andre Tanker when he sings this.

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