A few more notes on “wining”

Following up on the last post that featured wining, a Trinidadian blogger in the UK, Sheree Mack, who authors the Every Day Creativity blog, has posted two items on wining. One is a simple poem, akin to a soca road march at Carnival time, and with some key lyrics that coincidentally will reappear in my post for tomorrow. The second lists the various wining moves that one commonly hears called for in soca tunes:

Wine up: to wine vigorously
Wine down: to wine while lowering the bottom to the ground in a squat
Wine around: to wine in a circular motion, or to move around while wining
Tief a wine: to creep up behind or in front of someone and wine on them surreptitiously
Give (someone) a wine: to allow someone to wine on you; a pity wine
Wine back: to actively participate in a wine initiated by someone else
Small wine: a short wine
Hard wine: a particularly vigorous wine, usually on someone
Slow wine: a wine to a slow song, or on every other beat
Sweet wine: a wine that feels good, arousing

5 thoughts on “A few more notes on “wining”

  1. anonyjw

    You take a “small wine”, then you thrust your pelvis forward a bit, optionally moving forward at the same time.

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