HTS deletes criticized page

I noted that the Human Terrain System has redesigned its site and in the process simply removed the page of “top misconceptions” which was criticized on this blog. Rather than respond to criticisms, their practice appears to be to simply withdraw. One has to ask what would happen if the entire site were to be criticized?

4 thoughts on “HTS deletes criticized page

  1. Michael

    I think the HTS removed the “top misconceptions” from its website because, given the numerous successes of the program, the information that’s been made available, and the numerous testimonies of military, academic, and government officials, there are no longer any misconceptions of the program. Seems logical.

  2. Maximilian Forte

    Yes, that’s right, and there was a great deal of repetition even before the site redesign. They just chose to delete a particular page, one that just happened to be the only page I focused on. But it’s good for readers to know where they can find many of the same passages even now.

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