Updates: Spy in Our Midst; Washington Post on Minerva

Concerning the post titled A SPY IN OUR MIDST, both the discussion has continued on this blog, with more blogs joining in and picking up on the Mother Jones story.

See: If I Ran the Zoo‘s, “Small World, but not in a Disney Kind of Way.”

See also Dylan Kerrigan’s “Anthropology and the Military” on gimme culture.

In the discussion here, I talk about the problem of putting collegial lipstick on a militarist pig.


About the Washington Post article on Pentagon funding for national security-related social science (SS) research, which ends with the reporter quoting me on some of the broader issues that are raised, there has been some blog and other discussion of interest here. (Also, note the comments posted on the article on the Washington Post itself, and the links to blogs that link to the story — virtually every facet of the debate is being quickly and very deftly touched upon by all of the commenters. Among members of the public who are critical of the Pentagon, I see far sharper and more meaningful criticisms than I am seeing on my colleague’s blogs, with the possible exception of Dylan Kerrigan, “Pamthropologist,” and Dustin Wax [who claimed to no longer have an interest in writing about the topic further] and some other unidentifiable individual commenters.) I will have more to say about this article in the coming days. For now, here is,

PROMETHEUS 6: “We’re all going to be seen as potentially serving the state, as being the eyes and ears of American foreign policy”

OVERCOMING BIAS: “Anthropology Patrons”

ATTACKERMAN: “What, You Trynna Kick Knowledge?”

SMALL WARS: “Fighting Terrorists, a Conflict of Interest?” (which terrorists?)

INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BLOG: “Social Scientists Debate Defense Department Funding”