Announcing a New ANTHROPOLOGY – SOCIOLOGY blog of blogs

Sara has just announced the formal launch of a new collaborative blog, a blog of blogs, covering anthropology and sociology blogging. I am happy to be involved in what is now my third collaborative blogging activity. I think that Sara’s venture shows great promise and, quite unique, it also offers live chat for anthropology and sociology bloggers. It’s great to see the increasingly very large numbers of anthropology and sociology bloggers, as well as the various blog carnivals, and undertakings such as Sara’s that bring a new dimension to our online practice. Unsurprisingly, some of the most exciting stuff coming out is coming out of the newest blogs.

One thought on “Announcing a New ANTHROPOLOGY – SOCIOLOGY blog of blogs

  1. sara

    Dear Max,thank you so much announcing Anthropology Sociology Blog
    However I am new in the blog sphere, I was motivated by finding great number of active anthropologists and sociologists bloggers to create this blog for. The topic of Owen Wiltshire is very insightful and also very inspiring which made one think deeply in its topic “why anthropologist blog?”
    Thank you for your motivational words and great support.

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