“Fuck Fox News”: Uncaged Voices from Denver

It will probably be a while before one sees an article in an anthropology journal with such a title, so this will have to do for now:

and following from that

Donald Rumsfeld, smiling at the looting of Baghdad, said something to the effect that “freedom can look messy.” Fox is a bit shocked by the messiness of counter-hegemonic freedom in the streets of Denver, and so are the authorities who created special “Freedom Cages” and even Guantanamo-like detention cells that were to be surrounded by razor wire.

What was that about China?

3 thoughts on ““Fuck Fox News”: Uncaged Voices from Denver

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  2. Benjamin

    Jenkins tried to confront Ward Churchill at the rally earlier and got just about the same treatment, only a little harsher. He almost ended eating concrete, after laying hands on WC, and then trying to jump over a wall to get to him. It was one of the highlights of the DNC thus far. I’ll have a post up as soon as I can find good video.

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