“Fuck Fox News”: Uncaged Voices from Denver

It will probably be a while before one sees an article in an anthropology journal with such a title, so this will have to do for now:

and following from that

Donald Rumsfeld, smiling at the looting of Baghdad, said something to the effect that “freedom can look messy.” Fox is a bit shocked by the messiness of counter-hegemonic freedom in the streets of Denver, and so are the authorities who created special “Freedom Cages” and even Guantanamo-like detention cells that were to be surrounded by razor wire.

What was that about China?

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  1. […] Witness the creation of a new form of art in late empire: the news media agent provocateur 26 08 2008 Yes, of course, we saw it first with Geraldo, at at something resembling either the apex or the nadir with Jerry Springer, but unless we’re prepared to start making clear, honest, and public comparisons between, say Julius Streicher and Der Stürmer, and institutions like Fox News with Lou Dobbs, this next segment is going to confuse you, as much as he (pretended to be/was) confused about this crowd’s anger at them. Thanks to Maximilian for uncovering this. [via Open Anthropology] […]

  2. Jenkins tried to confront Ward Churchill at the rally earlier and got just about the same treatment, only a little harsher. He almost ended eating concrete, after laying hands on WC, and then trying to jump over a wall to get to him. It was one of the highlights of the DNC thus far. I’ll have a post up as soon as I can find good video.

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