American Teens “Exiled” Among the Savages

I do not want to preempt the post on Teaching Anthropology, “The Ultimate Teachable Moment: Wonder How it Will Play Out?” — just to say that there is a very good, critical assessment of this new MTV series, and a list of related links provided by Pamthropologist (I look forward to any excuse to use that name) that really serves well for a discussion about the conceits of Eurocentrism, the imperial tonality of developmentalism, and the renewed way that the “non-West” is cast as a hideous basket case to be “fixed” by spoiled, wayward, self-indulgent American teens (with the aid of the U.N. — yes, that’s right, the same folks that brought genocidal sanctions to post-1991 Iraq).

Anyway, if they learned anything from the founding father exiled among savages (Malinowski), it is the value of a good daily enema.

2 thoughts on “American Teens “Exiled” Among the Savages

  1. Pamthropologist

    Well, Max, your critique is far more eloquent than mine but you might be interested that we are not alone. Even Newsweek has jumped in the fray. Although, I can’t say I am excited to share views with Newsweek. Anyway, there is an update on my blog that is heartening. And thanks for the trackback (I think that’s the proper term–still learning the lingo.)

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