More on Eurocentrism: Jack Goody and The Theft of History

Once again, my thanks to Lorenz at for highlighting some important news, this time concerning the publication (and reviews) of Jack Goody’s The Theft of History. I will just post some links here for the reader to explore further, those links derived from “Jack Goody: ‘The West has never been superior’“:

Jack Goody, The Theft of History, Cambridge University Press: Introduction

Review by Keith Hart on The Memory Bank

Review by Robert M. Pike in The Canadian Review of Sociology

Review by Alfredo Ascanio in OhMyNews


3 thoughts on “More on Eurocentrism: Jack Goody and The Theft of History

  1. Pamthropologist

    You might also note that Keith Hart has made a bit of a renewed commitment to his blog and has a recent post up which indicates he is listening to our concerns. He announces a an new Open Source initiative put together by British social scientists (Africanists). You can find the details at his blog, the Money Bank, under the entry on “The Human Economy. The direct link would be to got to and read yesterday’s entry.

    He doesn’t shill technology or” brands” but he still manages to be a pretty damn good anthropologist. You know, someone who remains focused on what we should be doing for our discipline and not our selves. (that put in my most obnoxious, sneery tone).

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