Reflections on Elections in Canada, Oct. 14, 2008: 1D4TW

This is a new post on 1D4TW that reflects on both continuity and change in the most recent general elections in Canada, with voting ending last night and resulting in yet another minority Conservative government. I offer some thoughts on the nature of Canadian party politics, what is common to all parties as shortcomings, and what is reinforced by such electoral exercises. Finally, taking advantage of a new service instituted by WordPress as I was completing my post, I produce a poll inviting responses on whether or not my vote was vasted — I hope you vote on the (de)merits of voting.

(The image above is my rendition of the Canadian flag: the centre replaces the maple leaf with a design consisting of exclamation and question marks; the bombs symbolize Canadian warfare in Afghanistan. I credit Afghanistan with getting me out to vote.)

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