Methodological Cosmopolitanism in Anthropology

methodological cosmopolitanism in anthropology, is likely to invigorate the anthropological research agenda for some time. Methodological cosmopolitanism has been used as a critique of methodological nationalism. In anthropology, methodological cosmopolitanism can be a critique of an immoral methodology that treats the other as a specimen, as well as of theoretical provincialism (American anthropologists only quoting American anthropologists; anthropologists refusing to read anything but anthropological literature; anthropologists praying that theoretical developments turn out to be temporary fashions etc.). Methodological cosmopolitanism affords a glimpse of humanity hurtling through space on the planet that is its habitat, at the same time as it allows us to recognize a fellow global citizen in the face of the other.

Ronald Stade, p. 234 in:

Rapport, N., & Stade, R. (2007). A cosmopolitan turn – or return? Social Anthropology 15(2), 223-235.