U.S. Marines in Trinidad & Tobago

U.S. Marine Sea Stallion over Barataria, Trinidad on Sunday

U.S. Marine Sea Stallion over Barataria, Trinidad on Sunday

From one of Trinidad’s news dailies, Newsday, this very disappointing piece from Sunday, 26 October, 2008:

US Marines in TT

Sunday, October 26 2008

Members of the public in Laventille, Curepe, certain parts of the East and Central were jolted out of their beds early yesterday by the roaring sounds of two marine helicopters flying over their homes.

Some of the concerned persons even telephoned Sunday Newsday to ascertain if the United States Marine Corps were carrying out an exercise in the country.

One man said, “the noise from the engines was so powerful that I was awakened from sleep and when I looked out of my house the two helicopters were flying over my house, and I could see the US Marine officers inside,” he said.

Yesterday, Chief of Defence Staff Brigadier Edmund Dillon sought to clear the air on the matter.

He said members of the US Marine Corps are in Trinidad to carry out a number of humanitarian ventures. These include repairs to the Cyril Ross and St Jude’s Home for Girls.

The officers will also provide medical assistance to persons at the Arima and Couva hospitals.

On Monday, the US Marines will formally make public their mission in Trinidad [known] during a ceremony to mark their presence in the country.

This is obviously occurring with the consent of the regime of Prime Minister Patrick Manning of the ruling “People’s National Movement” (an ironic name if ever there was one). The presence of the Marines is of no benefit to Trinidad — as if this industrialized, petroleum exporting nation could not repair a school — and is instead done to facilitate deeper U.S. military penetration. This is a means of positioning U.S. forces closer to Venezuela, a mere seven miles away. Indeed, Manning has been trying to serve as a counterweight to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez (Manning stands as a featherweight in comparison). Chavez  has spent vast amounts on social programs in the Caribbean and provided discounted oil. Manning, unwilling to address poverty at home, has tried to alleviate it among his neighbours, as if in a desperate competition with Chavez. One can wonder whether Manning has been put up to this effort by the same forces now rearing their ugly heads in Marine helicopters.

This effort clearly brings into being the U.S. plans discussed in previous posts here and here.

In a situation of growing global economic crisis, there seems to be nothing less opportune than further imperial overstretch and increased militarization of the planet, save for the fact that U.S. regimes have committed themselves to war corporatism.

Good luck to Trinidad’s anti-imperialist strugglers in getting rid of these dogs of war.

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  1. nastylittletruths

    Yep, saw these passing overhead at around 8:10 – 8:15 am on Saturday. I was driving alongside the old train line between Chaguanas and Cunupia heading north and they passed me just before Munroe Road.
    They did look as if they were coming from St. Augiustine/Curepe area and heading south as if towards Pt. Lisas.
    Formidable looking pair of gunships in grey and flying very low…

  2. Maximilian Forte

    Flying very low for deliberate effect, I imagine.

    Are people asking hard questions as to why they are really there? Is it because Russian naval exercises are about to begin nearby with Venezuela? Is it as a sign to Trinidadians not to think of any uprising against the government? Is it to be on the ground and secure oil in case of some greater international crisis?

    Are any Trinidadians planning to protest their presence?

    If you come back, I would really appreciate getting any news, because there is hardly anything in the TT media.

  3. CA Trini

    As a former US Marine I will go out on a limb and state that this is referred to as “War Games” in the Armed Forces. Trinidad serves the USMC no purpose than a springboard and show of force to Venezuela. For example, even before “911”, US forces have resided in the Gulf Coast 24-7. It’s a game of chess.
    There are hundreds of war vessels and aircraft within waters all over the world at all times. The USMC is no doubt performing reconnaissance missions to get an idea of the terrain, climate, advantages, disadvantages and any other pertinent info that would help should military action be needed against Venezuela.

  4. Maximilian Forte

    Thanks very much CA Trini, and the recent discussions about expanding the missions of SOUTHCOM and the recent creation of AFRICOM lend weight to the overview you are presenting. The reconstitution of the 4th fleet, deployed in the Caribbean, and with a focus on Latin America has also met with opposition from both Brazil and Venezuela as well, precisely because it represents such a threat.

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  6. Aren

    As usual the world biggest pimps have come to prostitute Trinidad Aand use us and move us further away from forming a close relation ship with the world truest and grass rooth leader Hugo Chavez and the friendly neighbouring country of venezuela.Our country needs to rise up and run the useless pimps out.The only use that as a show to cover up what they are really doing.I saw them yeasterday spreading chemtrails over fyzabad.This is not the first time though. remember when the Great russia was carring out tests over venezuela the smae us marine corp came to bring medical treatment which is available for free in the health centers.the us is rally here to spy or to attack venezuela if they in turn attack the colombia , since colombia is the US last control and government chose in the white house in that region.Chavez fights for the poor and we should follow the bolivarian constitution.For the start of this year and last year my servallance have captured countless Us spy planes and fighter jets spreading chem trails and spying.
    Times include 7:32 pm and 4:30 – 6:00 in the evening in which us exercises were carried out.The us only likes those who side with them and who they can Prostitute.We don need them in this region. this region is stable .go To africa in which u and your allies destroyed.im sure you wouldnt since your stink foreign policy makers act only on benefit.TRINIDAD RISE UP AGAINST US BULLYING ACROSS THE WORLD.GET THEM OUT OF THIS REGION.US GO TO AFRICA AND THE MIDDLE EAST IN WHICH U DESTROYED AN BUILD IT BACK.MR OBAMA WE LIKE U BUT WHAT CHANGE HAVE U BRING TO FOREIGN POLICY.NONE.STILL PROVOKING AND DESTABALISING BUT ONLY BENEFITING YOUR OWN COUNTRY

  7. Aren

    ITS UP TO OUR OWN BENEFIT TO RUN THESE TRAITORS AND ABUSERS, HOW NEED TO BE CHARGED WITH WAR CRIMES BACK TO THEIR HOLE IN AMERICA.LOOK WHAT THEY HAVE DONE IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA.THE USE THEIR SO CALLED DEMOCRACY WHICH IS A LIE TO SPREAD THEIR MILITARY.RUN THESE NASTY HOOLIGANS AND RACISTS BACK TO THE US.IM AH TRINI , I LIKE OBAMA.WE MUST REALISE THE us only benefits themselves and their foreign ploicy willl make everyone suffer.Lets join and be friend with the inspirational hugo chavez and u will see for yourselves and no us runned government in the region will cause stabality and saftey for us all.Go home Parasites! and liars.some one need to inform chavez about their lying and spying like what they have done since they have come to tnt

  8. Joseph Summers

    I was stationed in Trinidad at chaguaramus from 1960 – 1961. I came to love and admire the Trinidadian people and the island. I still do. The temper of these vitriolic sentiments dismays me quite a bit. I am sorry that you have these feelings about my country as I believe that we are the generous nation in the world. No country gives more time and resources to other Countries than the USA.

    1. Maximilian Forte

      “No country gives more time and resources to other Countries than the USA.”

      Well that certainly is a succinct rendition of the usual propaganda, and for this you expect immense thanks and obedience. Given what you expect in return, you are the least giving of all countries on the planet. Let’s not even get into quibbles about how other countries give a greater percentage of their GDP — this is about what you take.

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