Oh no! The Kear Bears are Coming! (On the voyage of the intrepid USS Kearsarge in the Caribbean)

While working on my own posts this morning, I was very happy to read a very good piece of research and critique by my comrade, Guanaguanare. My impression is that, thus far, the Trinidadian “blogosphere” has been relatively quiet about the arrival of U.S. Marines in Trinidad, as mentioned here earlier, and here, and here. Guanaguanare has instead covered a lot of the background logic and intentions of the USS Kearsarge, and even found a blog with daily updates authored by its Captain. Guanaguanare does a very good job at correlating this mission with the redesign of recent U.S. military plans for the region, the reconstitution of the 4th Fleet, and the wider “culture logic” implemented in similar efforts such as those underscoring AFRICOM. Guanaguanare has also compiled an itinerary of the ship.

How might I sum up Guanaguanare’s prudent advice to the Pentagon? Focus on rebuilding New Orleans and looking after the homeless and those without health insurance in the U.S. The U.S. removed Trinidad from its list of designated aid recipients precisely because of its level of income and development. Indeed, the notion that an island sprouting new skyscrapers needs Marines to come and nail down some floor boards in local schools is laughable, especially as the Trinidadian government is now running lengthy informercials on local cable boasting of its vast, high-tech new schools, being built across the country.

I am going back to read some more. This is too good.

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