Welcome to “Zimbabwe North” and the “Pro-Rogue” State: Stalling Regime Change

What is the name of this country… (first, try answering without clicking on the links)…

Did someone say “a country in Africa”, like Zimbabwe for example? A country in the Caribbean? A country in Asia? How about Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, who has won numerous popular elections, this story can’t be about him, can it? Are these not the usual suspects when the Western mass media speak of anti-democratic regimes, so different from anything in the West?

No, instead, it cannot be a story about Venezuela. No, the name of the country is not Zimbabwe, but rather one I am code naming “Zimbabwe North,” also known as CANADA.

As I have “joked” with friends, I live(d) in a parliamentary democracy — only without parliament, and, without democracy for that matter. Canada, in the minds of some of its deluded citizens, is “beacon to the rest of the world” when it comes to democracy. Some of its other deluded citizens believe that, no matter what, our politics are superior to those of the United States. I believe that one of the benefits of this long brewing crisis is that some of this conceit has finally been trashed.

For those with an anarchist perspective on these events, they are all good. The state is faltering. The centre is falling apart. Those with most to benefit from the dominant way of doing politics are at each other’s throats. Institutions are losing legitimacy, and a federalist empire is renewing its internal fractures. Megalomania, deceit, and corruption, previously existing only as allegations, now reach the light of day as truths. This is wonderful. Indeed, I am not sad.

However, this is also a moment that people at the grass roots can seize and try to make a difference, to make their presence felt in public politics.

I am therefore recommending that Canadian readers visit the Coalition for Change website, and make plans to attend local rallies. See also SmartVote2008.ca. In addition, I warmly recommend one of Canada’s very few answers to the U.S.’ “Democracy Now!” and that is the rabble.ca website.