Hannibal Lecter at Fort Leavenworth?

[A break from a busy week of posts, the busiest ever in fact, 19 posts in six days, including this one, and the highest daily traffic ever received on this blog (800+ visitors per day for most of the week).]

This blog receives visits from people using some very interesting search terms and phrases, and I tend not to reveal these in part because it would make for very boring posts, and in part because sometimes they give hints about the identities of those doing the searches. If anyone is curious, the search terms that have consistently appeared week after week are “Idi Amin” and “Yanomami controversy.” This one, however, was too funny, a very suggestive phrase, one that actually combines elements of disparate essays on this blog, and it was used to search this blog more than once today:

ft leavenworth hannibal lector

Fort Leavenworth houses the headquarters of the Human Terrain System, featured in now countless posts on this blog. Hannibal Lecter (misspelled Lector above) is, as most know, the lead character of Silence of the Lambs, but he also appeared in a recent essay here, on the horror of the local.

Apologies to the visitors looking for a combination…you have very interesting ideas about corresponding themes. That Ft. Leavenworth would harbour a criminal serial killer who eats his victims? Very interesting, and let’s hope you are not on the right track, but thanks for the “clues” anyway. I do not blame you for looking though, some of the people working at Ft. Leavenworth, I suspect, could have all the bloodlust, and possibly little of the charm or erudition of a Lecter.

The truth of the matter is that the fictional Lecter would never be caught dead in a place like Kansas. (I have never been to Kansas myself, but I picture it as being a place that has roads, towns, and electricity — far too developed for my tastes.)

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