Some “new” links for the Human Terrain System

Some resources to assist those doing further research, some may be new, some may have been overlooked, the importance of these are left to the judgment of the reader. Those who know, will know what to do with them.

Montgomery McFate’s new website

Andrea Jackson: SourceWatch entry

(also see the SourceWatch entry for Laurie Adler)

Ms. Andrea V. Jackson
05 August 2004
Cultural Training & Intelligence for OIF

2004 Naval Industry R&D Partnership Conference

Montgomery McFate, Ph.D., J.D., and Andrea Jackson
An Organizational Solution for DOD’s Cultural Knowledge Needs
July-August 2005 MILITARY REVIEW

Montgomery McFate, Andrea V. Jackson
The object beyond war: counterinsurgency and the four tools of political competition

October 16, 2007
Army of Anthropologists Enters War Zones
By David R. Butcher:

The concept for the current HTS was suggested by Montgomery McFate Ph.D., J.D., and Andrea Jackson as described in their July-August 2005 Military Review article An Organizational Solution for DoD’s Cultural Knowledge Needs.

Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO):

IED Discussion Site

Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO): Tactical Successes Mired in Organizational Chaos; Roadblock in the Counter-IED Fight
LTC Richard F. Ellis, USA
Maj Richard D. Rogers, USAF
LCDR Bryan M. Cochran, USN

JIEDDO’s Information Systems are Targeting IED Support Networks

8 thoughts on “Some “new” links for the Human Terrain System

  1. Tim Stevens

    Hehe. A stroke of genius (if it weren’t so tragic). I vaguely remember seeing a US military stat a year or so ago, detailing the linguistic capabilities of serving officers in Iraq. I believe the number who could speak Kurdish was … one.

    1. Maximilian Forte

      This reminds me of something, and I cannot remember the source (in 1983), it may have been TIME or another mainstream media source: when U.S. ships were approaching Grenada for the invasion, one officer was quoted as wondering if they had any interpreters on board. That Grenadians speak English was news to him.

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