Derek Walcott’s response to my question on the BBC

Arising from what I had written on this blog about Derek Walcott, a couple of months ago I was contacted by the BBC’s World Book Club to submit a question to Walcott. On Saturday, 6 December, 2008, Harriett Gilbert spoke to Walcott, St. Lucian Nobel laureate in literature, about his epic poem Omeros. I got a chance to hear him respond to my question, happy that he did, even if my question was slightly rubbished. That audio segment is here:

The discussion as a whole is a very penetrating, provocative, and enjoyable one, well worth listening to if you have an interest in Caribbean poetry, Walcott, the writing of poetry, metaphor, landscape, history, memory, what influences one’s thinking, dispossession, diaspora, and much more. The complete audio file can be access here.