Cyberspace Ethnography (2.0): Course

For anyone who might be interested, I have launched the website for the revised version of my course, Cyberspace Ethnography, which I am offering this semester. I have made numerous changes to the previous version, and I am seriously looking forward to the outcomes in this course. The last time I offered the course, many of the ethnographic projects were very impressive in terms of skilled description and some profound analysis and insight — they rivaled many of the published studies about eBay, online dating, flickr, Facebook, Second Life, and various online gaming environments. Unfortunately, students were too shy and did not accept my recommendation of publishing their work online, or anywhere.

This year’s course will see publicly accessible student research blogs, which will allow for public commentary, while disguising the identity of the student bloggers. Should anyone wish to make inputs, please bookmark the blog page and visit it by the end of January. I am sure that your contributions will be much appreciated.

The course website can be accessed here.

The syllabus is also here.


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