Live Cam on Gaza

To access live, streaming audio-video feed from Gaza, there are at least four options, and users may have to try each one.

(1) Try this link: mms:// (copy and paste it into the address bar of your Internet browser, or, into “Open URL” of your media player).

(2) You can also watch it on:

(3) Sometimes, feeds will be down, and you can check alternatives that have been placed via

(4) Try clicking here (Windows Media Player will open). This has become the least reliable of the four options.


33 thoughts on “Live Cam on Gaza

  1. Sebastian

    Thank you Forte, Im watching 24/7 with a subwoofer my whole house shakes when there is an explosion. I hope this war ends as soon as possible for the sake of the people.

    1. Maximilian Forte

      I think there are momentary problems at different times — it has played on my computer several times, and at other times I just get a black screen. There could be technical problems at their end. Keep trying.

  2. braveman7

    Thank you for the opportunity to view what israel doesn’t want seen. Al tho I’m American, iv long sense grown increasing ashamed of my country. I’ve been told many times “If i don’t like it here, i should consider leaving” But i completely disagree. I believe being a responsible countrymen i should do my part to correct the ill’s of my country. So I’ve been busy passionately declaring what i consider to be the root cause of America’s problem.

  3. Ashley

    No i seem to get an error everytime I try and play it. Something about the Media player… It’s okay…from what i’ve been hearing I think it’s best for me not to see it.

  4. Maximilian Forte

    I began by being able to see the feed any time I clicked on it, and now it is mostly down — either it is stuck in “buffering” mode, or it gets past buffering and yet shows nothing. I think problems may be caused by heavy traffic to the live gam, possible equipment failures and power outages on the Gaza side, and likely interference from Israel — if they won’t allow journalists in, so the massacre can proceed like an “iron fist” (to quote Olmert himself), then hardly would they like to know that we have our own eyes in ears there.

  5. Adil

    It looks as though they are using night vision to avoid the cameras detection, there must have been some trouble, I think there was some bombing near the ramattan staff if not on the staff. It looks now as though they are not manned either they are remotely controlled from inside an office.

  6. Maximilian Forte

    I also noticed the blackout. Of course the IDF knows about this camera like all of us do, so it would not surprise me if they specifically targeted it to prevent any kind of independent access to what is happening, even if just a small part of it.

  7. Adil

    Maximilian, it’s extremely hard to find the ramattan stream, I’m not even sure what the broadcast is at the moment however Al Aqsa (hamas’s channel) sometimes has it at night, it’s extremely hard and very rare to get the channel, but we managed to get it:

  8. Maximilian Forte

    Thanks Adil. By the way, do you know if there is any deliberate attempt to disrupt the Ramattan stream? I have seen it used by international media such as Al Jazeera and I am wondering if it is attracting any negative attention.

  9. Adil

    I’m not sure, I had my own ideas that they are controlling the stream, castup is israeli as far as I am aware, and by controlling the feed, shutting it off when they want, turning it on when they want, bombing un, bombing whoever they want, calling a ceasefire when they want, ignoring UN and signing deals with US…I think it is all to show that they don’t give a damn what the world thinks and they can do what they please, without anyone telling them.

    They think they are above everyone that is the problem, that’s why they don’t listen to the UN…

  10. Maximilian Forte

    Wow, we finally have our answer!

    …and there I was lost, like a fool, thinking that the core of the human problem was that we had no core, that there was no human, that there was no human core, and that a problem is never singular or even really a noun as much as an action or a process.

    Little did I know, sunk in a quagmire of my own ignorance and self-delusion, that it all came down to genitals. Now I feel like a total twit.

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