Top Posts for February 2009

In terms of the number of views, the top 15 posts of the 32 published in February were:

  1. Some Breaking News on the Human Terrain System: Death Threats Against Female Colleagues
  2. The Deafening Silence of the “Milbloggers”: Inconvenient Truths?
  3. Latest News on the Human Terrain System: No Longer Private Contractors
  4. Questions and Allegations about Robert Young Pelton’s Reporting on a Human Terrain Team in Afghanistan
  5. Canadian Academic Boycott of Israel: Why We Need to Take Action
  6. “Civilian Contractor” Pleads Guilty to Voluntary Manslaughter of Afghan Detainee
  7. Attacking Ward Churchill…By Losing Your Marbles?
  8. Robert Fisk at Concordia: “Obama, Us, and the Middle East Wars”
  9. “American Radical”: Norman Finkelstein Movie in 2009
  10. Academic Freedom News: Ward Churchill, Joel Kovel
  11. Beyond Molehills, the High Ground: Dershowitz, Finkelstein, Plagiarism, and Academic Freedom (1.7)
  12. Teaching Gender Equality to Afghan Men: Using Gunshots to the Head
  13. Misunderstanding and Misrepresenting the Charges Against Ward Churchill
  14. Show Me the Human Shields! The Propaganda has Expired for Israeli State Terrorism
  15. Dr. Rat: Defender of the Rat People

Overall, February continued the recent trend of the last three months for site visits overall, nearly doubling the monthly average of the pre-December 2008 period. Yet, while as reported previously, January 2009 brought over 28,000 views, February brought in less, at just a few short of 18,000. That is still 80% more than the highest monthly average pre-December 2008.