The next two posts about Ward Churchill…

…will consist of, first, the closing arguments for both sides of Ward Churchill’s wrongful termination suit, and second, the jury’s verdict.

The trial was supposed to have ended yesterday (Friday, 27 March, 2009), on the 15th day of hearings. However, given bad weather, and some overtime, closing arguments are not likely to be heard until the middle of next week.

Witnesses are still testifying, in defense of the university, and the cross-examination is as scintillating as ever, with a lot of tension in the court room, and more and more questions from the jury that seem to be picking apart the university’s defense. However, it does not seem that anything new is being brought to light, with lots of repetition of points previously made.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on the following up-to-date coverage from:

Previously, I neglected to mention that there is also a group on Facebook:

Ward Churchill vs. CU

For Day 15, see:

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  7. CU regent denies sparking Churchill probe,” by Felisa Cardona, The Denver Post, 27 March 2009.
  8. “Snow shuts down court perhaps until Monday — Earlier Thursday, jurors questioned makeup of CU panel,” by Felisa Cardona, The Denver Post, 27 March 2009.

..and my previous post:

Ward Churchill v. “The Good Americans”: How Churchill’s Critics Made His Case

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4 thoughts on “The next two posts about Ward Churchill…

  1. ryan anderson

    thanks for all the updates about this. it’ll be interesting to see how it ends up.

    in other news, i tried to see the HTS presentation at the recent SfAA meetings, but when I showed up the main presenter wasn’t there, and the stand-in switched the time slot to the end of the panel so I couldn’t see what they had to say. And I woke up early to get there on time and everything!

    I really wanted to hear how they presented the HTS case. No luck though…

  2. Maximilian Forte

    Hi Ryan,

    It would have been interesting to hear what they had to say, especially at this very time. That is a real pity that they switched things around.

    1. ryan anderson

      ya, it would have. the cynical side of me thinks it was on purpose, but who knows. all i know is that they were scheduled for the 8 am slot and i was there, along with a good number of others. it would be interesting to hear from anyone who stayed til the end. i haven’t heard from anyone who was there for the actual HTS presentation, have you???

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