When it comes to Israel, there can be no academic freedom or dissent? The case of William I. Robinson and UC-Santa Barbara

  • Another allegation of “anti-Semitism”?
  • Another tale of a “racist” professor?
  • Another professor who “violates students’ rights”?
  • Another university administration “investigates” a professor?

One would have thought that, in a post-Churchill context, university administrations would have been more circumspect, less willing to rush in and stifle free speech, as if only certain opinions were authorized and lawful.

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Some Details of the Latest Case

The case of William I. Robinson, a professor of sociology at the University of California at Santa Barbara is covered to a considerable extent on a blog devoted exclusively to the subject, the Committee to Defend Academic Freedom at UCSB, and in a very illuminating article by Scott Jaschik, “Crossing A Line” (Inside Higher Ed, 23 April 2009). Professor Robinson circulated an e-mail message in January among students of his Sociology of Globalization (SOC130SG) course that contained an article critical of Israeli military actions in Gaza, likening Gaza to the Warsaw ghetto, and presenting a parallel series of images that likened Nazi persecution of Jews to the oppression of Palestinians. I know of a video that has done that, and I featured it on this blog. Someone contacted the Anti-Defamation League, likely the two students in the course of 80 who dropped out after this was made into a public controversy by the ADL. The ADL stated in a letter to Robinson that his message had “crossed the line beyond illegitimate criticism of Israel” and that his e-mail was “intimidating” to students and presented “material that appears unrelated” to his course. Clearly, the ADL thinks of itself as a syllabus vetting board that has a say in what is relevant course content, and that decides that it alone can stipulate what is tolerable and legitimate criticism of Israel (not that it makes reference to any legitimate criticisms it would tolerate).

One of the students who dropped the course wrote a letter of complaint to the university, repeating that s/he found the letter to be “intimidating,” “disgusting,” “horrific,” and then raised the “Anti-Semitism” charge. In addition, the complaint specified that Robinson was somehow representing the University by using his university e-mail account, and that he was essentially not entitled to free speech if this might “intimidate” students. A second student’s letter of complaint (from a student who not even get the name of the course right, and who absurdly accuses Robinson of self-violating his own right to academic freedom) also targeted Robinson for his “anti-Semitism.” As support for the charge of anti-Semitism, a student resorted to the website of the U.S. State Department for its definition of the concept, which is only candid enough to begin its sentence with “For the purposes of this report.” To take the State Department as the ultimate and most credible authority on the subject of anti-Semitism, concerning its client state and beach head in the Middle East, is to show either willful ignorance or irreparable naivete. It also suggests that all the thinking that needs to be done has already been done for us, by the state itself. At that point, one can simply fold up the university, pave its grounds, and create a new parking lot — its job is done.

Let’s hear one of these students complain, not that she has won many favourable comments from viewers of the YouTube video:

Someone, please enlighten that dear little darling that in the world outside of what mummy and daddy lied to her about, people can have very different views. Moreover, in a university, what intelligent and adult people do when they disagree, is to engage in dialogue, in discussion and debate — what they do not do is to try to prevent different opinions from being voiced or to launch formal complaints trying to silence someone engaging in free speech, or to slander someone with the conveniently chosen loaded label of the day. To adopt this approach is to in fact endorse the principles of both bigotry and totalitarianism. The implication of the student complaint is that Robinson must be a self-hating Jew, which also happens to be another racist concept.

Did the University do what a serious and respectable institution in a democracy would do? No, the University decided to form a panel to investigate Robinson and possibly impose sanctions on him. No action has yet been taken against Robinson. Robinson, in the meantime, took the very smart step of consulting with lawyers and may sue to block the coming proceedings.

For its part, the ADL acknowledged to Jaschik that it has no evidence that Professor Robinson had punished students for expressing pro-Israel views, or that he would not let them express such views. Instead, the ADL stepped out of its domain and complained that the material was not relevant to Robinson’s course — which, surely, is a matter for Robinson to decide.

Nonetheless, ADL National Director Abraham Foxman “held a confidential meeting in early March with University of California officials on campus to pressure them to investigate charges of ‘anti-Semitism’ against sociology professor William I. Robinson” (source).

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Zionism, Racism, Anti-Semitism

In a context where the U.S. has seen right wing fundamentalists like David Horowitz chase after and blacklist any academics and courses whose points of view differ from his own, alleging that teachers are actually great indoctrinators with magical powers to impose their opinions on students, it turns out of course that reality is substantially different, as it usually is when compared to fantasy and conspiracy theory. The case of William I. Robinson, a professor of sociology at the University of California at Santa Barbara (previously it may have been known as a reputable institution), instead displays something quite different from the tattered tale told by the lunatic right: that students can be quite intolerant, as can university administrations, who along with (or under) special interests outside the university work to prevent the expression of any view that does not conform with the orthodox, authorized view of the pure innocence and moral supremacy of the Israeli state. In a mendacious and spurious defense of academic freedom and tolerance, what such anti-critics do is kill both.

After all, to criticize the state or a political leader in Israel is “anti-Semitic,” right? The U.S. State Department says so: it involves the “demonization of Israel, or vilification of Israeli leaders.” By the same token, then most American media coverage of Robert Mugabe is racist and anti-African. Most media coverage of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is also, by the same token, racist. Americans who criticize Obama should beware: they might be racist if they vilify Obama.

What is happening at UCSB does not happen there alone. At my own university, in my own department, those who signed a petition condemning Israel’s brutality in Gaza have been publicly labeled by opponents outside the university as “racist professors.” The stench of a red herring should have overpowered anyone but the most senseless: none of these professors — and I know them — have ever said anything about “the Jewish race,” about any supposed ethnic attributes of Jews, or about linking the policy of the Israeli right wing with something innate to all Jews. That would be racism and anti-Semitism, and that is not what they are endorsing.

Instead, they are opposing the kind of racism pushed by extreme Zionists who would have public opinion believe that the Israeli state structure is the most perfect expression of all Jews everywhere, and that all Jews are alike, think alike, and do alike.  So is it then an expression of primordial Jewishness to unleash white phosphorous on civilian populations in Gaza, or to have snipers execute mothers and children in Gaza? Now that is racism. And how does such racist fantasy hold up to the reality of widely contrasting opinion among Jews? By creating the vulgar idiocy known as the concept of the “self-hating Jew.” How vulgar and idiotic? Simple to answer, just look at the self-described SHIT LIST. Virtually every prominent Jewish intellectual one has ever heard about is now a “self-hater.” This reminds me of white southern racists in the U.S. who labelled white civil rights activists as “race traitors” and “nigger lovers.”

If this is the intended defense against anti-Semitism, it is not only the wrong one, it is the most dangerously self-defeating one. When one charges even Jews like Prof. Robinson of being anti-Semitic, then it starts to make anti-Semitism look credible and respectable. It also appears to be libel, and as Robert Fisk told us at Concordia recently, British newspaper editors have a practice of automatically slapping anyone who alleges “anti-semitism” with a lawsuit on the grounds of libel — you simply cannot get away with or be forgiven for saying outright, outrageous lies. The anti-Semitism charge is in Robinson’s case, as it is in the case of my colleagues, a deliberate lie, and a racist one to boot.

As is explained by Noam Chomsky on the same website for academic freedom at UCSB, the Anti-Defamation League consists of people who “try to label any criticism as anti-Semitic, but they never respond to the criticism itself, because they can’t. Decades ago, the ADL was an authentic and serious organization that defended civic rights, but in the last 40 years it’s become a Stalinist-style organization dedicated to supporting anything Israel does and to destroying all opposition to Israeli policies.”

The mistake of some is to believe that the university should serve solely as an arm of the state, engage in policing free speech, and strangling any expressions of unauthorized, heterodox views that do not quite jibe with the geopolitical ambitions of the state and some of the special interests that are invested in the state’s agenda.

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How You Can Help

You can add your signature to the more than 1,440 that have been added to date on the petition to support academic freedom at UCSB.

You can also send an e-mail to the Chancellor of UCSB and its administrators..

I am happy to have done both and I encourage readers to take a few moments to do the same.


Read this interview with William Robinson in the 29 April 2009 issue of CounterPunch.

See also Dana L. Cloud’s “The McCarthyism That Horowitz Built — The Cases of Margo Ramlal Nankoe, William Robinson, Nagesh Rao and Loretta Capeheart,” CounterPunch (30 April 2009).

16 thoughts on “When it comes to Israel, there can be no academic freedom or dissent? The case of William I. Robinson and UC-Santa Barbara

  1. Jules Arbor

    I have quite a bit to say on this topic and it comes from a different angle than most are approaching it. As a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in health psychology who has provided clinical services for over twenty years to the sick and disabled… and as a person who is now 100% disabled myself with an Acquired Brain Injury who is residing in the state that ranks dead last in terms of providing services and support (let alone ADA compliance) for people with disabilities…. I am utterly disgusted by the unceasing propaganda that not only links Jews with Zionism, but also links the Holocaust with Jews with rarely a mention of any of the estimated 5,000,000 NON-Jews that were also reported as exterminated… and NEVER a mention of the T4 program that marked the beginning of the Holocaust!

    “Since the National Revolution public opinion has become increasingly preoccupied with questions of demographic policy and the continuing decline in the birthrate. However, it is not only the decline in population which is a cause for serious concern but equally the increasingly evident genetic composition of our people. Whereas the hereditarily healthy families have for the most part adopted a policy of having only one or two children, countless numbers of inferiors and those suffering from hereditary conditions are reproducing unrestrainedly while their sick and asocial offspring burden the community.”





    If anyone has been denying very significant aspects of the Holocaust… not to mention all the other acts of genocide from Palestinians to Native Americans to Africans, etc., etc…. it is Israel, the U.S. and Jews themselves!

    While there has been public outcry… albeit not enough… regarding other ethnicities, races and religions… the silence surrounding the ONGOING “slow kill” of the “mentally defective”, “feeble minded” and disabled… particularly if poor and without family… has been positively DEAFENING!

    Especially in light of the attitudes that some people are maintaining with regard to torture… we are becoming dangerously close to this again…

    Just from my state alone…





    How ironic that on the same page of the following particular article is a link to the grand opening of a Holocaust Museum!


    Signed ~ a “Useless Eater”


    1. Maximilian Forte

      Sorry about that Jules — whenever a message with a lot of links comes in, WordPress automatically puts it into the spam queue, and there have been times that I forget to check or simply am too quick to delete. Luckily, not this time. And this is the first comment posted by anyone that managed to integrate videos! I am still reading my way through, just a quick note to say thanks.

      1. Jules Arbor

        No need to be sorry Max… I only wish that the processing deficits and challenges with written language that are related to my ABI were not preventing me from expressing myself in writing as easily and quickly as I once did so that I could more readily engage in an educated discussion that is acceptable… even by my own standards. I’m glad that you were able to locate my comments and include the links and videos… as that has become one of the best ways for me to get my point across in anything other than piece meal sound bites that don’t BEGIN to illustrate the magnitude of this problem or my thoughts about it!

        There is such an INCREDIBLE amount I have to say… on this topic as well as others… and I am SPITTING NAILS MAD that what I used to be able to type out in minutes now takes me hours… what used to take me hours now takes days… and it STILL doesn’t reflect the well-researched, documented and academic content of the material that I would much prefer to present in my own writings.

        Nevertheless… I appreciate your patience and indulgence as I can ASSURE you that even with an ABI… my higher intellectual abilities are PERFECTLY intake… and I have EVERY intention of making my voice heard on this and a number of topics… in ANY way that I can!

        By the way… glad to finally come on board. I waited to weigh in until my name change was legal… which finally came about yesterday. I didn’t want to create any confusion by switching names in mid-stream. It will take me a bit to make the change on all my credentials… but whenever you come across Dr. Julien Arbor… or more informally Jules… that’s me!

  2. Nullifidian

    Hello, class. Welcome to Newspeak 101.

    The first Newspeak vocabulary you need to know is “Anti-Defamation League”. This is an organization built around defaming anyone it disagrees with.

    I’ve compared the idea of a Greater Israel to other bits of colonialist and expansionist ideology like lebensraum. I guess I had better not say that within hearing of anyone who knows ADL’s telephone number.

    It constantly amazes and saddens me that this organization is allowed to set the agenda for what is permissible speech on the subject of Zionism. The whole “anti-semitism” label, which they thrust out into the forefront of all discussions of Israel, is a case of verbal sandbagging. But it’s one that’s going to come back and bite them: if all opposition to Israel’s apartheid state is “anti-semitism” then “anti-semitism” becomes a moral obligation.

    It’s an act of supreme hypocrisy for the pro-Zionist organizations to point out how opposition to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in some cases does shade into anti-Jewish bigotry while encouraging the equation of Zionism with Jews that makes such an outcome almost inevitable.

    One of my professors from back in my undergrad days was also tagged with the “anti-semite” label by a student who gave him a bad review at the website RateMyProfessors. I guess I should be glad that this student was unaware or or disinclined to contact the ADL.

  3. tali

    Silly me, after I was done writing my letter to the faculty and chancellor, I thought “I gotta go tell Max!” :D

    Jules, thanks for mentioning that. It really IS rarely mentioned, because Zionists have so methodically made “the holocaust” (the only holocaust, of course, because Jews are the only people to matter) their own. It’s true that Jews were the scapegoat of this holocaust, but as you say, so many were murdered and they mean nothing. I don’t know if you know, but in Israel, the Palestinian citizens (referred to as “Israeli Arabs”, in an attempt to erase their blood relation to the Palestinians in the occupied territories) are regarded a “demographic problem”. This is, of course, an intellectual theory, that has calculated that “these backward people” have too many children and will double us in two decades, by then we won’t be a Jewish state anymore. Thus we should be afraid (and possibly kill them).

    Post Churchill, this case proves 2 things:
    1. The battle is now at a rise. (hopefully this is the part where it gets real hard before it’s won.)
    2. The battle is not just in the occupied territories, but on all fronts. (Max, take care. I promise to sign your petition if you sign mine ;) )

    1. Maximilian Forte

      Tali, you must be amazed that unlike where you are, in Israel, where papers like Haartez can publish and all sorts of organizations and individuals can speak out against the actions of the Israeli state…that when the same opinions are expressed on this side of the planet, even when quoting Haaretz itself, in fact, even when quoting Israeli officials, that the statements are immediately labeled “anti-Semitic” or the person is labeled a “self-hating Jew.”

      Robert Fisk was right: there really is less freedom of speech on Israel than there is within Israel itself.

      1. tali

        Wouldn’t go that far, Max. On the contrary, the noose is tightening on us activists, as we speak . (http://www.zmag.org/blog/view/3073)

        I think Gideon Levy and Amira Hass are held at Ha’aretz so they can say that they’re balanced. The majority of their reporting leans towards the government’s agenda (with the news, as you know, it’s not just quality, it’s quantity as well). It’s kind of like the Arab parties (which are more democratically minded) and the one Leftist (and mixed) party are there, so my crazy government can claim diversity and democracy. In the end, Ha’aretz is a Jewish oriented paper, even though it does report more often about Israeli atrocities towards the Palestinians.

        Gotta disagree with Fisk. (Real) Leftist journalists in Israel won’t get a job in the mainstream media (Ha’aretz has about 20% of Israel- the elite and the left-leaners- not necessarily the left). And they’ve already been fired for trying to do their job ( http://themagneszionist.blogspot.com/2008/05/more-on-meron-rapoport-and-haaretz.html ). Keep in mind that Prof Ilan Pape suffered similar fate in Israel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilan_Papp%C3%A9
        Not to mention Prof Neve Gordon’s international battle with Allen Dershowitz (?! There’s need to start a support group!)
        It’s just that Israeli academic decent is more rare + We’re relatively smaller than the US, so the number seems to work out.

      2. Tali

        Keep in mind also, that we don’t have alternative media, like Democracy Now! and The Real News Network. There’s nothing to counter-act the mainstream news, which are extremely popular in Israel. If you want to counter them, you can go online and watch other things, but you need to want to do it, and because its all shrouded in pseudo democracy, the majority of people believe that the journalists here are doing their job.

        Dissent just doesn’t happen here. When I watch the media today, knowing what I know (i.e. having the values I have), the news is mostly irrelevant or completely unrepresentative of the real issues. Doing this confuses the masses. For instance, when you cover the closing of a factory, and you show the people (as Fisk would have it), but misrepresent the context and say that this is a result of the financial crisis, and go on to explain that the factory is actually fine and making money and it’s the owners fucking everybody over, people will understandably get confused.

        Israel is actually one of the most extreme totalitarianisms and it manages this with the regular tools: Class division (both financial and ethnic) in which the ruling class is sure of its freedom- an illusion; massive propaganda (distributed in schools and the media); government control of the media, which is done through the propaganda, the constriction which the majority endure and private connections, without real need of force; and violent silencing of minorities and voices of dissent. Israel proves that it doesn’t have to be Stalinesque or Orwellian. It can all be done under the guise of democracy. The freedom to really criticize doesn’t really exist, it’s just that it’s not that dangerous when you do, because no one will listen to you anyway. The link I sent you about the feminists getting arrested- on youtube, there’s a barrage of comments, they should be subjected to the death penalty! Government doesn’t need to do anything, the people are so delusional with their freedom, they feel free to kill dissent. It’s only when you’re of prominence, and when your actions prove to be effective that you become dangerous. This is all historically true- 30 years ago there was Mazpen, a group of about 20 people that were vilified by the media and the public despised.

        There are many stories of persecution here- these people are dealt with vis-a-vis the courts, thus vilifying dissenting voices and making criminals out of them. The ones that don’t get arrested are marginalized vis-a-vis the media, such as the leftists in the parliament- the center left is “soft, naive and whiny” (when in reality it’s just incapable of making decisions), the progressive left is “the radical/extreme left” and the Arab parties are “nationalistic, extreme and disloyal”. As for the people- in such a capitalistic oriented country- the media doesn’t really need us, unless it’s for dramatic effect, or creating the illusion of a democracy.

        Thanks again for the space :)

    1. Jules Arbor

      Yes… thanks Tali. Because of what’s going on with my brain… it’s easier for me to take in information in muliple formats…. so I greatly appreciate the link.

      Just so everyone knows… a couple of things to keep in mind whenever I comment. I am not from academia… nor do I have an extensive background in history, politics, anthropology… or even geography I’m ashamed to say. I had a general liberal arts undergrad education focused in psychology and sociology and then obtained my doctorate at a professional school for clinical psychology. My doctoral program was rigorous… although it had a clinical focus. So… my graduate education did not take place in a university setting with a heavy emphasis on research. I’ve also done a fair amount of independent study in other disciplines including religions and spiritual traditions across cultures. I’m by no means a scholar of theology… although can usually hold my own…. but a lot of the other stuff is relative new to me. I also have some processing deficits as a result of my injury that have resulted in some challenges with written language… both receptive and expressive. My spelling, grammar and sentence structure are sometimes pretty atrocious… my short-term memory is not as good so I tend to repeat or omit things… and my difficulties with concentration and attention are like having the worst case of ADD imaginable! But even though I do get tangential at times… some of this is not by accident… as I will try to explain.

      Additionally… I often view things in such a way that my contributions to a discussion may initially appear somewhat (and sometimes altogether) off track. I imagine that many people give their head a proverbial scratch and silently wonder “Huh?… What does THIS have to do with anything?”. And yet… as time passes… the majority of the time… eventually the connections become apparent. It has something to do with my ability to see patterns in things and draw information from various disciplines and across time. Oddly (or not)… this has actually increased considerably since my Brain Injury. It’s too damn bad that no one would listen to me as my injury was unfolding so that they could study me… and it wasn’t for my lack of trying to locate someone. On well… no guts, no glory… as they say! Particularly for those that missed the opportunity!

      Anyway… the Pilger video was particularly interesting to me because I see a comparison to many things that he’s saying regarding journalism and what has also occurred in health care and certainly in science and history. (Ironically… I have caught up quite a bit in my study of history as I’ve been laid up… including various aspects of the military and intelligence… and watching old film footage.) In my own research… I’ve had to go back to old medical texts that were written before (or during the early days of) the influences of the medical and pharmaceutical giants and government agencies because the financial AND religious agendas have cast such a thick cloud on scientific research that it is virtually impossible to accept any of it at face value. It never ceases to amaze me that people are so quick to accept the current allopathic health care system and hold in such high regard the “great pillars” of modern medicine… when iatrogenesis is the third leading cause of death… and THAT is according to the JAMA! I’ve also seen “less reputable” sources that list it as #1!

      Trust me… there IS a point that I am getting to with all this! And forgive me if the information I present is already well-known to those reading this thread. It sure was news to me… and I haven’t heard others talking about it… but perhaps it’s so widely known by some that the discussions have already run their course. Like I said… a lot pertaining to history and political ideology is fairly new information for me.

      One more thing before I continue… I believe that one of the problems that many people have encountered in addressing topics such as the one in this thread is a result of hitting it head on… which immediately raises enormous resistance! As evidenced by what happened to Ward and is now happening with Robinson… and a growing list of others… it’s also getting awful damn ugly!

      Like I said in my previous comment… I look at relevant things that are not necessarily readily apparent as such… but are also much more difficult to dispute. And part of this is because… as Pilger so aptly points out… there IS so much propaganda and misinformation… particularly where it involves these issues directly that you end up with the equivalent of conspiracy theories about conspiracy theories… and never know for sure what the truth is! It seems like the less obviously related information is often more likely to be free of these contaminants.

      As for me personally… I don’t identify myself with any particular group… which has been for better and worse because people feel most comfortable when they believe you have an alliance with them… and are in opposition to their opponents. This has been both a blessing and a curse… particularly since my injury… because already no one really felt quite sure of who I am and what I’m about… and one tends to become pretty invisible anyway when they’ve been through some kind of tragedy and also when they’re disabled. It’s not always necessarily such a bad thing… and can be used to an advantage… but it also tends to scare the hell out of a lot of people! They just don’t know what to expect! If you’ve ever read The Thunder, Perfect Mind… you can probably get what I’m talking about… one colossal paradox! People ASSUME what my politics and religion and life philosophy, etc., etc., are… but none of them ever really fit. And I know it SOUNDS selfish… but my only true alliance is to me! What this does though is it allows me the freedom of movement with my mind to see those patterns and make those connections that I was referring to. While I get good and pissed off about a number of things… I’m able to stay fairly calm and emotionally detached (but not in a cold way) from a lot of things that many people get really riled up about! Over 10 years sitting my ass on a meditation cushion went a long way in order to do that! Conversely… I can also be a raging lunatic about some things that most people couldn’t really care less about… like the material that is in the videos I posted. Having worked in a state psychiatric facility and being aware of a lot of crap that’s going on and has only gotten worse… I’ve seen things that very few people will ever see… and it is positively inhumane the way that people are treated in any sort of institution!

      OK… I’m rambling so I’ll get back on track with this. Just wanted to give some background as far as where I’m coming from and some of my limitations. And by all means… for anyone… please ask me for clarification rather than making any assumptions… which are WAY too easy to do on the internet as it is! Since my social life is currently primarily conducted through the internet… I also tend to introject more of a conversational style rather than just information. I know that it would be more appropriate for communicating in more personal conversation and face-to-face interactions… but it’s the best I can do for the time being. Just weed through whatever isn’t of interest to you. Also… keep in mind that it is easiest for me to comment using a lot of links and videos… but it usually isn’t necessary to read every word of them. The main thing is getting the gist of the information and then going back for my in-depth exploration… if so desired. Nor do I agree with everything that is presented in all these links and videos. Nevertheless they do reveal an interesting pattern. These are dots of information and it is up to the readers to connect them as they see them.

      I happened to make a rather interesting discovery a couple of months ago when I stumbled across an old book online. I have never seen this information presented anywhere before… and yet I was so blown away by it that I couldn’t believe no one is talking about this! Actually… there are several related topics… but I’ll break them down.

      First I spotted this…


      And don’t ask me how this happens… because I don’t know for sure… a combination of intuition and giving my mind the freedom to wonder I guess. I then stumbled upon an online book…. the title of which is “Dear Mr. President: The Story Of Fifty Years In The White House Mailroom” and it was written by the mail clerk at the White House who was in his position for a little over 50 years. This book has NEVER been widely circulated and was initially published in 1949 by a J. Messner publishing house in New York. It was re-published again in 2007… along with another book and Pink’s single both with the title of “Dr. Mr. President”. Incidentally… these newer releases pushed any Google search for the 1949 title out of the immediate Search results and did a good job of burying it out of site. Coincidence… who knows? Anyway… here is a link to Amazon that has the 2007 publication of the 1949 book…


      Here’s the online original 1949 version… and I have no idea if they are word for word… but I managed to grab one of the few available original copies as soon as I realized what was in it.

      Turn to pages 166-7…


      From p. 167… in the words of the mail clerk Mr. Smith…

      “At this time somebody spread the idea that the Government needed fine human hair in the manufacture of precision instruments such as bombsights, and we received contributions enough to make a rope stretching from Washington to Berlin. We sent them over to the Bureau of Standards, which probably dumped them in the wastebasket.”

      It never fails… if you really wanna get the scoop on something you’ll find it from the “lowly” workers (and I say that with great affection)… because they’re usually the ones that know what the hell is REALLY going on! You know… the janitor or the waiter or the hair dresser or the receptionist… OR THE MAIL CLERK! Hell… I think sometimes people were more open and honest with me about their lives when I was a bartender than as a psychologist!

      So… just WHAT does that suggest?

      Take a look at these links that show old photographs… and google Holocaust hair for additional images…



      Could THAT be the AMERICAN hair?



      And if so… does it make a difference in anyway regarding the number of people who were killed during “The Holocaust”?

      I’m certainly NOT denying that the Nazi Holocaust existed or that Jews… as well as plenty of other people… died in the camps and elsewhere. In fact… as I was trying to describe above… I avoid getting into the mosh pit as far as the whole Jewish issue… be it the debate of race or religion… or for that matter… singling them out… or ANY group for that matter! In fact… I’m starting to go a little nuts with the effects of so many people doing that! We’ve got people that are whipping up into a frenzy just at the mere mention of words like Illuminati or Freemasons or Bilderbergers or the Vatican… and now it’s getting more insane with the whole racial and religious issue… be it Blacks or Hispanics or Muslims or Catholics, etc, etc,… and most of the time Native Americans aren’t even mentioned… as if their genocide has already been completed! Then of course you’ve got the “Nazi” Feminists and Homosexuals that will be the downfall of civilization… and now we’ve even got government officials and scientists getting in on the whole Alien thing! Honest to Pete… this has gotten so surreal that there are times when I wonder if I’ve lost my friggin’ mind because it’s so contrary to what I know of human nature that it’s hard for me to conceive that people actually think this way! And yet there are HIGHLY-EDUCATED and generally WELL-INFORMED people who are doing this! There is NO one collective entity that is “BAD” or that is behind this whole mess! Psychopaths come in all shapes and sizes! And I gotta tell ya… I have moments that I WISH some aliens would come down and get me off this damn planet because there are people that are positively losing their minds! I’ve recently had a couple of people come just short of calling ME the Anti-Christ… and that happened in an online discussion about the U.S. being a Christian Nation. I provided historical information that clearly shows connections between the Illuminati and atheists… and also how the original founder of the Illuminati was actually very highly regarded by Thomas Jefferson and some of the other Founding Fathers. And the people who were attacking me are claiming to be radical Constitutionalists! It’s all just one giant shell game!

      And once again… you might be wondering… what in the world this could possible have to do with this thread? IT DOES… and in a VERY MAJOR way! (And this is perhaps the biggest challenge for me and that is explaining this so that people can connect these dots… because there are so many smoke-&-mirror games going on with all this stuff and most people are NOT talking about it! It’s projection on such a massive scale and everybody pointing… “Look! It’s over THERE!”… and “THEY are the EVIL DOERS!” Frankly… personally I’m usually more comfortable with so called Evil-Doers than with the Do-Gooders… in large part because of this total mind-cluster-fuck! (Pardon the language if it offends… just tell me to clean it up if it does.)

      OK… WHAT am I talking about?

      Virtually everything you read and hear links Zionism, Judaism and Israel. Bush sealed the deal on this with the following legislation in 2004…

      Click to access publ332.108.pdf

      And it’s elaborated on in the following gov doc…

      Click to access 102301.pdf

      What he did was include ZIONISM and referred to it as a “Jewish Movement”… along with all the implications… particularly the issue of anti-semitism.

      1) Zionism is a POLITICAL movement.

      2) Zionists are NOT all Jews… not by a LONG SHOT!

      3) What has been missing from these discussions… at least as far as I have seen… is the issue of CHRISTIAN ZIONISM…

      Click to access Palestine%20Center%20Conference%20Paper%202003.pdf



      4) I don’t have a great deal of knowledge about the Bible, the Torah, the Talmud and any other sacred texts of Judaism… but there are numerous references to Jews being the “Chosen People”…



      5) But wait… as you can see towards the bottom of that last link… there are also CHRISTIAN “Chosen People”…


      6) And of those listed… the Christian “Chosen People” are the Mormons/LDS/ Adventist/etc. (virtually the same)….


      7) And what are the connecting links between these two groups of “Chosen People”?


      8) These fall under the larger umbrella of Millennialism and Millenarianism… interesting lists…



      9) Note that Al Qaeda, Nazism and Zorastrianism are among that list. Zorastrianism is the ancient religion of Persia… now known as Iran…


      10) ZION is NOT only a reference to Israel…


      11) Note that the Adventist Church is also known as he WORLD CHURCH…


      12) Add these into the picture…

      Now… what do you suppose is going to happen when the FINAL HOLY WAR comes down to two groups of people… each claiming to be the “Chosen Ones”?

      Click to access jriit.pdf




      I posted a rather lengthy message about all of this at the following link…


      And now we see this…

      There you have it! WHAT are we doing sending the military in to conduct Christian witnessing? If this all wasn’t so horrifying… it might even be funny because it’s so CRAZY!!!

      “Your Strategic World Missions Resource” …



      Keep in mind that 911 is also known as The Big Wedding…




      OK… beam me up Scotty!!!

      I could go on and on with adding dots of information that could be linked together… but with all that has come out recently regarding torture and the crumbling economy, etc., etc…. I don’t think it’s really necessary. There’s already so much out there that you simply can’t turn away from it and expect to move forward. Nu-uh… this is just too damn big… and it either gets taken care of that’s all she wrote!

      I want to be VERY CLEAR that I don’t mean to offend anyone… and I am not AGAINST anyone’s religion or race or ethnicity or gender or sexual orientation or country or whatever… as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody and isn’t imposed on me… it is none of my concern what people believe or do INDIVIDUALLY. It’s really quite simple… but we make it so incredibly complicated. HOWEVER… when it becomes a COLLECTIVE and PATERNALISTIC effort with a STRATEGIC mission as if it’s either a war room or a board room… that’s when I’ve got a BIG PROBLEM with it.! The effects are just so incredibly far reaching … as the Lakota and the Cree and all the other Indigenous people have been trying to tell us for centuries…

      As for me… once I had made all these connections… it took care of any doubts that I might have ever had in my mind regarding organized religion. As far as I’m concerned… it is the greatest infection that we’ve experienced on the planet! It certainly adds another dimension to my understanding regarding the Native American Holocaust!

      Anyway… thanks for your indulgence and patience. I hope that perhaps this information will be of benefit to whomever might be able to use it in a positive way. Thanks Max… for sharing your space and allowing me to contribute.

      Peace ~ Jules

      *Ah…. one more point… and it is consistent with the video that Tali posted. The key to resolving this… IMO… involves women and the manner in which they are treated and regarded in any society. I don’t know what’s up with the women that are behind some of theses men and have helped to prop them up… but I would’ve knocked some of them to kingdom come!!!

  4. Jules Arbor

    Thanks for including my last comment Max… and sorry about giving you so much work to do. I only wish that I was able to write this all out in a coherent way and didn’t need to resort to using so many links and videos. For that matter… I wish that my current cognitive challenges weren’t making it so difficult for me to process information and learn new things so that I could develop my own bases of information. Every blog or social network site has a different format or “language”… none of which I was familiar with prior to my ABI… and any new learning is a challenge with short-term memory, organizational, multi-step tasking, and attention/concentration impairments. Mine are relatively “mild”… but in the world of Brain Injury… that word is EXTREMELY misleading! Still… in my case… the abilities are still there… it’s just that the information is MUCH more difficult to access and express than it once was and I have to resort to all sorts of cueing and ways of compensating for the deficits… when I REMEMBER to use them! With as much as I know about this… I wouldn’t recommend that anyone with a TBI/ABI be left to do their own cognitive rehabilitation… although in my case thus far that is EXACTLY what has happened! Given the circumstances that precipitated my ABI, the research that I have been working on for the past year while being bedridden with NO proper health care of supportive services, and the implications of that research… this comes as NO surprise to me… although it DOES suggest in a rather horrifying way just to what lengths “The System” will go to maintain it’s old failing structures! For anyone that saw the movie “Momento”… this is an extreme example of this… albeit not a realistic one. Prior to seeing the movie… having done a neuropsychological evaluation on a patient who had undergone a surgical procedure to “fix” his uncontrollable seizures and instead ended up with both seizures and virtually NO short-term memory capacity… I knew when I saw “Momento” that, although it was very entertaining, there is NO WAY that a person can live independently and function to the degree that the main character did… and that the reality is actually quite tragic! Incidentally… this patient was a brilliant M.I.T. graduate with an advanced degree whose long-term memory and intellect was PERFECTLY intact but who was left with NO capacity for new learning. This resulted in him being unable to learn how to do even the most simple work in a structured disability workshop setting… such as matching greeting cards with envelopes… and he ended up living in a skilled nursing facility! To illustrate how bad his short-term memory impairment was… during the time that I administered the Halstead-Reitan on him… when he needed to take a bathroom break… he would get lost and need assistance in finding his way back to my office and then would have NO recollection of who I was and what we had been doing!

    They worry about the Drug Cartel… when they should be even MORE concerned about the Medical and Pharmaceutical Cartels… and all the entities that are associated with and supporting it!

    Anyway… I don’t want to hijack the thread. Hopefully… I will be able at some point in the near future to develop my own venues so that I can educate others about this… and cut loose some REAL RAGE about “The System” and the UNBELIEVABLE extent that they have gone to in order to maximize profits, pad the pockets of politicians, and push forth their agendas… PARTICULARLY THOSE OF RELIGION… at the GREAT EXPENSE of people’s health, well being and life itself! Pro-Life… MY ASS!! Pro-Converts-&-Collection-Plate-Dollars is more like it!!!

    Just one more thing on this topic before I switch back to the one at hand… that Adventist Health System that Bush and Clinton have bestowed such high praises upon… the ones that are so dedicated to our health, such wonderful models of service, and so committed to religious freedoms… are largely RESPONSIBLE for me HAVING an ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY!!! I will spare the details… but along with other KEY parties… they engaged in criminal activity that resulted in a series of traumatizing events that included the violation of my 1st, 4th and 5th Constitutional Rights, the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, medical malpractice, and AMPLE indication of conspiratorial activity in order to cover it all up! I have already traced one person who was indirectly involved with this all the way to the White House and having sat on a Senate Committee of a former Administration!

    It would appear that they would prefer to regard me as “collateral damage” than to assist in advancing the understanding of the link between PTSD and an Acquired Brain Injury… since my research and experience suggests that they are ONE & THE SAME… not to mention the additional implications of what I have discovered as they pertain to an UNBELIEVABLE number of health conditions! Of course… this would also open the whole can of worms regarding the medical SCAM known as Psychiatry! (And NO… I am NOT a Scientologist!) It would also raise additional awareness regarding the issue of TORTURE as I certainly wasn’t water boarded… but STILL managed to suffer life-threatening ORGAN and BRAIN DAMAGE…. solely from STRESS! Instead… they would rather try to portray me as CRAZY and prevent me from getting the proper health care, services and assistance so that I can get my health back, restore my functioning, complete my research, and get back to work in order to help others who are dealing with PTSD /TBI, Traumatic Abuse, Stress-Related Illnesses and whatever a bunch of QUACKS are labeling with the latest psuedoscientic psychiatric disorders that they can come up with! I am now perhaps THE leading authority on the effects of stress on the human body and brain… and if there are any members of the military that are reading this and give a DAMN about what is going on with Veterans and their health… TAKE NOTE!

    Anyway… back to the topic at hand…

    In reading over the complaint by one of the students… and I see this come up time and again… perhaps she should have complained that no one has taught her the history of the swastika as it was most definitely NOT originally a Nazi symbol!

    (And Max… if there is any way for you to incorporate these images in my comment… it would be helpful.)


    There’s also a myth floating around about the direction in which the swastika is pointing and its meaning. The following online gallery photographs show that many cultures used the swastika with it pointing in both directions… sometimes within the same design.


    This was particularly true for Native Americans…


    In fact… that comes from a site that has a whole bunch of swastikas and other symbols…


    Likewise… it doesn’t take rocket science to see that the vesica piscis is not the symbol of a fish… but is in fact a symbol of a vagina! But many Christian groups are having a holy fit about that too… claiming that those “evil” pagans are responsible for spreading such a wicked lie! *lol*

    (I should be careful because sarcasm doesn’t always come through in writing… and I’ve been the subject of attack for false assumptions and misunderstanding regarding what I really mean. Just ask me to clarify before jumping to conclusions… or down my throat.)

    To demonstrate the great lengths that some religions are going in order to re-write history and distort reality… the following is a website of “archeological discoveries” that include “evidence that the Native Americans are one of the “Lost Tribes of Israel”…


    Uh… NO.

    Given the parallel shamanic influences, the similarity in their cosmologies, their symbolism, their nature-based spiritual traditions, and the roll of women in these societies… it is far more likely that Native Americans have their roots in Siberia and Asia… and DNA evidence has suggested as such… but why let a little objective science get in the way of religion right?






    And yet… very prestigious universities are involved with this… and even using genetics in a manipulated way to do it…

    By the way… to REALLY know your ancestry… follow the MATERNAL lines! And don’t ever take information from the online genealogy projects at face value… because many of them have been packed with misinformation in order to link everyone back to Adam of the Bible.

    And I’ll tell ya what… if that Los Lunas Decalogue Stone is for real…


    I’LL EAT IT!

    I suppose that THEN they could diagnose me with the psychiatric diagnosis of Pica! *lol*

    But seriously… take note of the following…

    Also consider the following (and I can’t BELIEVE I’m even including this… but what’s MORE unbelievable is the historical religious basis of it!)…

    Perhaps all the other students should start flooding universities with letters that they are not being adequately educated in history, archeology, genetics, medicine, political science (The Iroquois had the first participatory democracy on the planet… which had a MAJOR impact on the U.S. Constitution… although hardly anyone knows this!)… and every other discipline that has omitted or distorted information… or outright lied?!

    I know that I was shocked to learn that President Obama is HARDLY the first Black U.S. President… but actually the 6th!!!


    No doubt… we’ve also already had U.S. Presidents from EVERY ethnicity… including Native American as well.

    Just as Ward was attacked about his Native American ancestry… there is a complete misconception regarding what Native Americans LOOK like…

    In some cases… it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to trace ancestors due to the removals, relocations, and ongoing “civilizing” processes such as the Indian Boarding School Projects…





    And I don’t even want to THINK about what went on at Canton!


    By the way… your ancestors may now be Mormon/LDS/Adventist, etc. as they are posthumously baptizing people… and just did it with President Obama’s deceased mother!

    Pay attention folks… this is NOT the “no-big-deal” issue that many people are making it out to be… and it is NOT going over well with a GROWING number of people!!!



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