Audio: Anthropology and Counterinsurgency

An increasing number of audio recordings of conference proceedings and media interviews are being made available that deal specifically with the relationships between anthropology, the military, and the national security state. What follows is just a short selection of what is currently available.


BBC Radio 4: Anthropology at War

Reconsidering American Power
A conference organized by the workshop on Science, Technology, Society & the State
Audio from the 2008 conference on Anthropology and Global Counterinsurgency

David Price: “Soft Power, Hard Power and the Anthropological ‘Leveraging’ of Cultural ‘Assets’: Distilling the Theory, Politics and Ethics of Anthropological Counterinsurgency.”

Hugh Gusterson: “The Cultural Turn in the War on Terror”

Roberto J. Gonzalez: “‘Human Terrain’ and Indirect Rule: Theoretical, Practical, and Ethical Concerns”

John D. Kelly: “The Moral Economy of War: Galula Fetishism and its Consequences for Pax Americana”

Marshall Sahlins: Short introduction to “Destructions and Constructions of Conscience: Counterinsurgency and the Study of Culture”


Different Fields, Common Challenge: Lessons For and From Military Anthropology
Society for Applied Anthropology

CHAIRS: FOSHER, Kerry (MCIA, Syracuse U) and SELMESKI, Brian (Air U)
PANELISTS: BABA, Marietta (Mich State U), NOLAN, Riall W. (Purdue U), RUBINSTEIN, Robert A. (Syracuse U), and TURNLEY, Jessica Glicken (Galisteo Consulting Group Inc)


Scholars, Security and Citizenship, Part I (SAR Plenary)

CHAIR: MCNAMARA, Laura (Sandia Nat’l Labs)

TOMFORDE, Maren (German Armed Forces & Command Coll-Hamburg)
Should, Must, or Must Not Anthropologists Cooperate with the Armed Forces?: Ethical Issues and the German Bundeswehr.

BEN-ARI, Eyal (Hebrew U)
Anthropology, Research and State Violence: Some Observations from an Israeli Anthropologist.

FUJIMURA, Clementine (US Naval Academy)
“Motivated” and Other Challenges for the Military Anthropologist.

PRICE, David (St. Martin’s U)
Anthropology’s Third Rail: Counterinsurgency, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Political Uses of Militarized Anthropology.

FRY, Douglas P. (Åbo Akad U, U Arizona)
Anthropology in the Name of Security.

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