Summary for May 2009

While May was one of the “quieter” months on this blog, with a much lower than usual number of posts, and a reduction in the number of visitors (slightly more than 17,000 for the month), it was nonetheless one of my overall favourite months in terms of what was actually posted. I will not do a “top ten posts” as in previous months, given that there were only 18 in total. The most viewed articles, not including those from email subscribers, were as follows:

1. Whitewashing a U.S. War Crime in Afghanistan: The Trial of Don Ayala, “Human Terrain” Mercenary (1,090 views)

2. Open Anthropology Cooperative (735 views)

3. No Time in Jail for a U.S. War Criminal: A Mercenary Gets Away with Murdering a Detainee in Afghanistan (643 views)

4. On the Militarization of Anthropology: Report #1 from the CASCA-AES Conference in Vancouver (533 views)

5. The War Criminals’ Roundup: Serbia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Israel (489 views)

My personal favourites were quite different from those of viewers. They include: