Annotated Bibliography: Twitter and the Iranian Election Protests

The focus of this bibliography is on news articles, primarily. While not a complete list of every article online, video, document and blog post published on what some have called the “Iranian Twitter Revolution,” this is a fairly representative list of many of the more prominent sources and interesting perspectives, and it may prove useful for teaching and research purposes. When extracts from the article are used in place of commentary, the extracts appear inside quotation marks. The items below are listed by type of resource (all text items [newspaper articles, blog posts], video links, and audio podcasts), in chronological order, and by the name of the publisher for items on the same date. In listing the items by chronological order, the intention is to facilitate analyses that explore how the story developed over time.

Anyone who has published an item on Twitter and the Iranian election protests, especially subsequent to the dates below, should feel free to add them by leaving comments at the bottom. Otherwise, this page will not be updated.

Users can either download a complete copy (minus playable videos and podcast) in PDF:


or, continue reading the bibliography page on this blog to play the videos and podcase.

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