A More Formal Welcome to the New Blogger: M. Jamil Hanifi

M. JAMIL HANIFIWhile we continue to work out some technical problems with access, a more formal welcome is due to the newest blogger at Open Anthropology, M. Jamil Hanifi. You can read more about Jamil on the updated Bloggers page. Jamil has produced several articles on this blog throughout July and August of 2009. In case you missed any, they were: 1) Afghanistan’s Little Girls on the Front Line, Part 2; 2) Questions for Military Anthropology; 3) Engineering Division, Instability, and Regime Change with Naheed, Neda, and Allah; 4) Interrogating Conventional Wisdom about Terrorism; 5) Editing the Past: Colonial Production of Hegemony Through the Loya Jerga in Afghanistan; and, 6) What Caused the Collapse of the State Infrastructure of Afghanistan? More will come in the coming days, but generally speaking Jamil will be writing according to his own schedule, at the pace that he chooses, and will write whatever he chooses. I am especially honoured to be joined by Jamil, and the simple fact that he has joined will mean changes to this blog. For instance, the blog’s pronounced Caribbean focus in the past will now be complemented by a pronounced Afghan focus. Afghanistan will thus continue from the recent period to be a dominant concern of this blog. I look forward to more from Jamil and I offer him a warm embrace.

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