Permission to Copy Denied to the “Open Anthropology Cooperative” (OAC) (1.1)

Given the arguably obscure location of the original statement, it seemed better to reserve a separate post for this so that there is less chance of missing it altogether. The following statement is now necessary given the following conditions:

  • the continuing adversarial relationship between the Open Anthropology Cooperative (OAC) and the Open Anthropology Project (OAP) and this blog in particular;
  • that apparently at least some members of that network wish to maliciously and provocatively copy and recopy material from this site (originally without attribution);
  • that the maintenance of separate and distinct projects was, supposedly, mutually agreed upon and that both projects were to clarify that there is no affinity linking them nor any particular affiliation;
  • that I do not surrender authorship over my own writing, and that I do not provide free content in any form to any site to which I am opposed.

Therefore, whether with attribution (or not), with a link back (or not), making a derivative (or not), that the OAC and its membership as a whole is forbidden from reproducing any articles from this blog or the wider OAP, as is my right as the copyright holder over materials that I have authored. The only exception is where an OAC member may need to copy this post or parts of the discussion that led to it, in order to refer to the basis for this general denial of permission to the OAC to reproduce anything from this site, as well as members affiliated with the OAC on their own sites.

Nothing in this statement prevents anyone in the OAC from posting a link to work on this site, or from quoting select passages in keeping with standard copyright limitations. The OAC and its members should consider looking elsewhere for their materials and to generally ignore this site.

Anyone who wishes to discuss material posted on this site, is free to do so, here.

2 thoughts on “Permission to Copy Denied to the “Open Anthropology Cooperative” (OAC) (1.1)

  1. Stacie

    To avoid further confusion, I’d suggest also putting a link to this in the “some rights reserved” clause of the copyright notice that appears in the right sidebar.

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