Torture for Democracy (2): Video Post

To not clutter up the main post, Torture for Democracy (1), the relevant supporting videos are placed here.

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3 thoughts on “Torture for Democracy (2): Video Post

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  2. Finious

    All this is plainly visible to anyone who really wants to see it, it’s just that no one in this country wants to – and that is evidenced by the fact that nobody in the United States is willing to ask the question, How is it possible for people to HATE America to such an extent that they (Americans) would hijack four planes and run two of them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and another into the Pentagon – killing not only themselves, but thousands of innocent people as well?
    The answer that is currently being peddled by the elite media is that those responsible for what happened on the 11th of September aren’t really human beings at all. They are “EVIL-DOERS,” “TERRORISTS,” “BLOOD-THIRSTY AMERICAN ANIMALS” – and the only thing one can do with such monsters is to hunt them down and kill them much in the same way one would hunt down and kill rabid dogs.

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