On the lighter side of darkness: “I LUV A MAN IN A UNIFORM!” is back

Many thanks to a student who, while reading “Do Pentagon Studs Make You Want to Bite Your Fist?” —

“Pentagon Diva,” a pseudonymous Washington government employee who admires “studly guys in uniform slinging rifles” and runs a hilarious blog titled I Luv A Man In a Uniform, has apparently been outed in a recent issue of Elle (and perhaps earlier, in More).

It’s allegedly none other than Montgomery McFate, the Pentagon official who helped launch the Human Terrain System and the Pentagon’s sometimes unrequited love affair with anthropologists.

In the spirit of good fun we believe the blog is intended, we contacted McFate to see if she would confirm her lustful alterego. McFate tells DANGER ROOM: “I am allegedly the author of the blog.  However, I can neither confirm nor deny.”

— found that I LUV A MAN IN A UNIFORM! is actually still online, and was apparently never deleted, as we all first thought about a year and a half ago. It appears to be the exact same blog, at least as far as I can remember it, though it does not have any comments on the posts (which I believe existed), and the profile for “Pentagon Diva” seems to be recently created, even though it is the same profile as before.

While I exhausted my rebuttal/rebuke back in 2008, one needs to reiterate what extremely poor judgment is shown in posting this vulgar blog, which would certainly be prosecuted as sexual harassment if it had been a male who was writing such lewd and lascivious commentaries on his female colleagues and superiors.

Back then some cautioned me: it’s just a joke. Indeed, I agree: it is all just a joke.

(A big joke perpetrated by an unscrupulous joker, employed as a highly paid public official, paid by the taxpayer, and blogging on the public dime).

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